Friday, December 15, 2017

How To Stay Fit During The Holidays

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How To Stay Fit During The Holidays

One of the absolute hardest struggles I think we all have is staying fit during the holidays. From all of the stress and time we spend worrying about gifts, food, etc. we honestly forget to hit the gym or do a small workout at home and some of us, i.e. me, end up stress eating from all the worry about the holidays! It’s easy to lose motivation around Christmas and it’s the easiest time to gain all that weight back you worked hard to lose thanks to all that good holiday food that we always love! So if you need some tips for staying fit during the holidays, just keep reading!

  1. Always stay hydrated.
No matter how busy you get or what you are doing, stay hydrated. You definitely don’t need to end up dehydrated but one thing you should always do anyways is drink a ton of water. This is something I’m not the best at either so I should probably take my own advice on this one too. Drinking water will not only just help you stay away from water weight from sodas, coffee, things like that but it’ll also help clear up your skin and I’ve even heard you’ll have a lot more energy than before! So definitely remember to always stay hydrated and keep drinking your water, especially during the holidays and all that running around in town and stores for gifts and things.

2. Try to eat as healthy as you can.
Now I know for Christmas this is literally impossible, but up until Christmas try to eat as healthy as you can. Cook healthy meals and I promise it’s going to help you out a TON. Pinterest has thousands of great ideas that you can try out which I’ve also tried myself and actually a lot of them ended up really good! I know your thinking eating healthy has to be disgusting but it really isn’t as long as you find the right recipes and you know how to cook a decent meal, it can end up great!

3. Don’t abandon the gym or your workout plan.
This is where it gets hard. You get stressed out about the holidays, getting the perfect gifts, getting it all done in time before the 24th and 25th and then boom, you realize you haven’t been to the gym in like 3 weeks! Don’t do this to yourself! The gym or just good workout is the best stress reliever you can possibly get. If I’m ever noticing myself getting stressed out about something I hit the gym with it all on my mind, every little thing, and I walk out that door without a thing in my mind except worrying about looking like a sweaty tomato. The gym will be the best thing to ever happen to you or starting a new workout plan because it will take so much stress and worry off of you it is UNREAL. So don’t let the stress take away from you staying in shape or in good health. Hit the gym or pull out that workout plan and get moving! You’ll feel 100% better, I promise you!

4. Take care of your mental health.
Mental health is everything and more. It’s what motivates you, and gets you through everything. It’s what will keep you fit or make you lose it all. Literally, mental health means everything because it’s the most important. If your mind is constantly saying you can’t do this and that, you won’t end up doing it. That little unmotivating voice in your head is the reason why you end up not getting anything done, don’t let it take over. You are stronger than that voice and you can get up and do whatever in the hell you wanna do with your time and energy. It’s your brain, your thoughts, you control it. Honestly, I used to think that saying was BS. Then one day I woke up and became an optimist all of a sudden told myself I wasn’t going to let negativity take me over anymore and it worked and now I think positively about every little thing possible. Sometimes it is hard, but if you really put your mind to something you can do anything!

5. Track where you're at and where you want to be.
Tracking is something that can help motivate you a ton to stay fit. If you have a journal or a notebook, write down where you are now in your fitness/health. Write down in it your weight, your goal weight, the days you plan on working out, a workout plan (Pinterest is helpful in this), a meal plan, etc. then track everyday that you go, what you done, what you ate, and keep track of everyday how much closer you are to getting to your goal. It’s not only super helpful at staying organized but it will also get you even more motivated to see the progress you’ve made which will keep you wanting to work out more!

So that was all for this post you guys I know that there weren’t many tips but I still hope that they helped you and can keep you fit during the holidays because like I said I know how stressful it can get around this time every year! So I hope you enjoyed my post and check back for more great holiday / seasonal posts soon!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

How To Prepare For The Holiday Season as a Blogger

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How To Prepare For The Holiday Season as a Blogger

So you guys we all know how busy it can be around the holidays, and being a blogger doesn’t make it much easier does it?
 Heck to the no!
 So I wanted to write this post just to kind of give you guys some of my tips and tricks to prepare for the holiday season as a blogger. Truth be told, I know exactly how busy and stressful it can get to try to keep up with all of the holiday things you have to do such as buying gifts, decorating, setting budgets so you don’t go completely broke, getting ingredients for recipes for the holidays to make those family traditional recipes. Then on top of all of that you already have on you, you have a blog you have to keep up with and write for and your audience is expecting some holiday posts am I right? Yes? Exactly. So you have this list of posts to write for the holidays on recipes, gift ideas, how to budget for the holidays, traditions, stocking stuffer ideas, and all kind of things you have to write, edit, add images to, and get ready to post all whilst dealing with 20+ other things on your plate. That’s why I’m here to help you with this post. So, here are my tips on how to prepare for the holiday season as a blogger to help you get rid of all the stress and just enjoy your holiday season with your family and friends!

  1. Write ahead.

This might seem silly or complicated and your thinking there’s no way I can write all of those posts ahead of time, let me tell you it is possible I promise you! This is a trick I’ve used even before and after holidays because it helps me so much. All I do is set aside a day that I know I don’t have a ton to do and I just grab a coffee, my planner, just sit back relax and write my posts. Usually I try to write at LEAST 4 or 5 but lately I’ve had a lot of stuff going on and have been slacking off way bad. The thing is about this trick if you write ahead, you don’t have to worry about writing again until you run out of posts or get close to it! Then all you’ll have to do is literally just edit, add images and links, and post! It’s that simple. That’s why I’ve always used this trick and absolutely loved it. Honestly it saves so much more time than you think and it will really be handy on all of those holiday posts you have coming up to write about.
  2.   Plan and organize like crazy.
Productivity can go a longgg way you guys. When you actually pull out that planner and bullet journal and use it I promise you it will help you so much. Set aside a day that you aren’t going to be busy grab all your papers, planners, journals, and computer and just plan ahead. On when you want a certain post to go out, when you want to get gift shopping and wrapping done, when you want to have all of your food bought, etc. The more you plan ahead and get organized the easier it’s going to be on you especially at this time of year. So, grab your planner and get to planning everything!

3.   Keep your place as clean as possible.
This might seem impossible especially if you have kids or something running around keeping it messy. BUT, if you keep it as clean as possible then honestly you’ll be able to get so much more done. Like I promise you guys just whenever you use a dish rinse it the second your done and put it in the dishwasher this way they won’t end up piled up. When your done with something throw it away instead of leaving it lying around for you to pick up. It’ll make it so much easier on  you and nothing on this earth feels better than a clean home and it makes you feel so much more productive and like you can get 10x’s the work done!

4. Work at the end of the month.
This might make you ask, “What is she even talking about?” Trust me on this you guys, if you work at the end of the month writing your posts ahead of time, etc. it makes it seem like you have all of next month to just relax and take it easy. Now sure it probably won’t end up that way because you’ll still have to schedule, work on SEO, etc. BUT it will help a ton. So like say when it’s September, work on October / Halloween posts and when it’s October work on November / Thanksgiving posts and when it’s November work on December / Christmas posts. This gets you way ahead of the game and a ton of stress lifted off your shoulders. If you need to get caught up that’s fine. I’m currently writing this in the midst of December when I should have back in November, but it is OKAY. We will all get caught up and all of this stress will eventually disappear.

5. Brainstorm ideas first.
One thing you should never do is just think of one post to write, brainstorm ahead. Make yourself a list of all of the posts you would like to write for December and the holidays. This way you can just cross them off of your list after you write them and you have options on what you feel you should and shouldn’t write about. It helps a ton on planning ahead too when you know what you want to write that way you can go ahead and put in your planner what day you would like a certain post to go out! You already have all of your post topics right in front of you! Trust me when I say it makes blogging ten times less stressful you guys!

6. Make a bullet journal.
Even if your an adult or whatever you can still do this! Bullet journals help me keep everything I need every little task I need to get done on hand, written down, and ready for me to cross out. You can also add stress relievers such as, doodle pages, a mood tracker, habit tracker, bucket list page, etc. It helps me a ton especially on relieving stress and staying organized, who could ask  for more?

So that was all of the tips and tricks I have for you today you guys and I hope you enjoyed this post! If you would like to read more Christmas / holiday posts just comment below and I would love to write more for you guys! Also, don’t forget to follow me on social media which is linked to my blog and I will link it if I can remember! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and check back for more holiday themed posts coming soon!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

December Cleaning Routine 2017 + Get Ready With Me For The Holidays!

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December Cleaning Routine 2017 + Get Ready With Me For The Holidays!

Honestly you guys, I love the holidays so much. From the different candles and scents that come out to food to family all of it I just absolutely love the holidays. The thing I notice though is my house can tend to get messy very easily on the holidays from all the buying, gift wrapping, shopping, etc. One thing I love to do is keep the house as clean as I possibly can though with this simple cleaning routine and so I can get my house ready for the holidays. So, if your wanting to know what my cleaning routine for the holidays is, or would like to get ready with me for the holidays, here is my December 2017 cleaning routine so you can get motivated to get up and get ready for the holidays too! Hope you guys enjoy reading.

  • Number one comes coffee always, so I always like to make some coffee before I get started cleaning. My caffeine is what gets me through all of it and plus it keeps me warm if it’s freezing inside the house and the heat hasn’t kicked in yet. Honestly, I have always done this and probably always will. Coffee = LIFE you guys and you know it.

  • The first thing I always love to start doing when cleaning is make the bed. Making the bed just makes everything seem so much neater and just cleaned up already. That’s the number one thing that I love to start off doing just to kind of tidy up and get all of the throw pillows off of the floor and everything and it just looks so neat and clean honestly.

  • Once I have the bed made I usually go around the bedroom and pick up any items that are on the floor and on the tables. From dirty dishes to dirty clothes, anything that doesn’t belong I’ll pick it all up and put it all where it goes.

  • After I finish that usually I’ll head into the bathrooms and pick up any items that don’t belong on the counter and pick up dirty towels and clothes up off of the floor. Then I’ll just put them all where they belong.
  • Once I’m done doing that I’ll head into the kitchen and just start putting away things that don’t belong on the counters or the dining room table and just put them all away.

  • Once I get everything put up I just like to start doing the dishes. Usually, I just rinse everything and put it in the dishwasher because I mean, who wouldn’t if they have a dishwasher right?

  • After I have all the dishes put away and started washing in the dishwasher I just like to clean out my sink really well because one of my favorite things to do is clean my sinks I love the look of a clean sink for some reason.

  • Then I’ll just wipe down all the counters, appliances, and the stove and just give it all a good wipe down and cleaning. This is another one of my favorite things to do because it literally looks and smells so good after I do this. Then I’ll just go around and wipe down my dining table and chairs, then head into the bedroom and wipe down my nightstand and table and shelves, etc. After I’m done in the bedroom I’ll go into the second bedroom and wipe down my desk and everything in there.

  • After I’m done with that I’ll head into the bathrooms and just clean the counters, and clean the tub and shower every now and then, and then obviously the toilets.

  • After I’ve finished scrubbing everything occasionally I’ll go in and wipe down all the mirrors, windows, tv’s, and all of the glass surfaces we have.

  • Once I’m done with that I’ll just sweep the floors in every room and hall I can get then I’ll just go in and mop.

  • After the floors are all clean I’ll start on clothes and just fold all of the clean ones and put them away.

  • Now I’m finished! Usually, when I’m finished I like to light my candles especially my Christmas scented ones to add to the mood and then I’m completely done and can just sit back and relax in our now clean house!

That was all for this post you guys, I hope you enjoyed reading! Check back soon for more updates and happy holidays!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

5 Ways To Beat Stress + Ways To Relax & Remain Calm

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5 Ways To Beat Stress + Ways To Relax & Remain Calm.

We all know how terrible it feels to be stressed out. Honestly, it’s one of the worst feelings and most annoying ways to deal with things in life. From bills to pets to kids to relationships to school to whatever it is that might be stressing you out, it’s stressing you out to the point where it led you to my post. That’s okay too! Everyone stresses out and worries about tons of things from time to time. Stress is a part of growing up and being an adult. Bills are probably #1 on the list too honestly. Anyways, here are some tips and tricks to beat stress and a few ways to just relax and remain calm because I know how bad it can get at times to just sit back and chill after you’ve stressed for so long.

So, if you’re tired of worrying and stressing and just completely freaking out, here are a ton of ways to beat stress and remain calm. Hope you guys enjoy reading!

  1. Stop thinking about it!

This might seem impossible and you probably thought when you read that, well how on Earth am I just going to stop thinking about it? Just stop! Focus on good things and positive things. Things such as flowers and pets and babies or kids and music and art and things that you love to do or think about that make you happy will help you stop thinking about it all. What I’m really saying here is distract yourself from stress. Don’t completely forget about your bills or anything those do have to be paid and taken care of but also don’t worry so much about them. Honestly, I catch myself sometimes constantly non stop worrying about it and then I find that I can’t stop at all and it bothers me so much to the point I’m about to pull my hair out. Don’t think about it and I promise you’ll feel ten times better!

  1. Take a break!

Honestly, you might be like, “Hold on why would I take a break when I have so much to do???” Let me tell you, you guys, okay so when you have way too much going on at one time and feel like you will never get it all done, TAKE A BREAK. It doesn’t have to be a long break you can even make it a small one. Go for a walk in the park, a walk around the block, go watch a movie or something simple even listen to a song or two, go for a drive. There are tons of things you can do to take your mind off of things for a minute to just relax yourself and then you can get on with your business with a calm and relaxed mind. Calm and relaxed = more capable of getting it all done quicker. You got this!

3. Take a bubble bath!

One of my absolute favorite things to do when I’m stressed out or I’ve had a stressful day is to end the day with a good hot bubble bath. This might seem dumb or silly but really it’s a great idea. Bubble baths are so calming and soothing and they also help relax not only your mind but your body too. They can also help relieve sore muscles, aches and pains, a severe backache which I tend to get a lot, and more! Get either some sort of relaxing scent in a bubble bath and you could even add in a bath bomb if you would like, my favs are bath and body works especially bubble baths they smell SO good. Also, light up some candles, add some relaxing music, turn off the lights and just sit back and relax. If you tend to get bored in the tub set up a stand or something for your phone, tablet, or laptop and watch some youtube or netflix, I promise you guys will not regret doing this!

4. Read a book or listen to music!

Two of the most calming things you can do is read a book or listen to music. Honestly, you could also write it’s all up to you but writing even relaxes me sometimes. Drinking tea could also help relax you after a stressful day or if you’re having a stressful time. Honestly, it’s up to you which you would rather do or do all of them, but they are all helpful as long as you like to do them most of the time!

5. Clean up / decorate!

You might think, “Now how is this going to help me?” TRUST ME, you guys this is one of the very main things that help me when I’m stressed out. If I’m stressed out about something and I get up and clean up my house and maybe decorate for the holidays or something it helps me so much. Honestly it just takes your mind off of everything and anything because your up and doing something and your mind is completely off of it. If you're not a fan of cleaning, jam out while you clean up and I promise it’ll make it worth your while.

So you guys, that was all for my post but I hope you enjoyed reading and these tips help keep you stress free and remained calm. Remember, always either bathe, read, write, or do something that you love to do and I promise you’ll be stress free in the snap of a finger. Hope you loved this post and check back for more soon! :)

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Fall Morning Routine + My Fall Favorites

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Fall Morning Routine.

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Honestly you guys, I just couldn’t resist. Lately, I’ve noticed all of these YouTubers doing a youtober so I figured hey, why not do a blogtober? Blogtober will consist of fall posts every single day of October coming out and this day 1. I know that I’m a bit late but it’ll be okay because I’m getting started now at least. So anyway, first off I wanted to start with my fall morning routine because who doesn’t love a good fall morning routine? Especially a productive one to motivate you a bit! I love watching these on YouTube so I figure it’s time to do it on my blog. Now, let me stop rambling and get into the post. Hope you guys enjoy my first post of this blogging fall series. J

The first thing I love to do any morning whether it be fall or summer or winter whenever I love to grab my phone and just lie there for a minute when I get up and check all of my social media. From Snapchat, Instagram, to Twitter it’s what I love to do and what gives me the time to wake up before I have to physically actually get up. So I’ll just sort of lie there and be lazy and just listen to some music and get on social media and see what happened while I was asleep and what people have been up to. It’s one of my favorite things honestly just to sort of catch up. Then I’ll get on Pinterest and look at fall photos just to get into my fall/cozy vibes because nothing is better than that.

Then after I’ve lied there for about an hour, literally an hour, I’ll get up and go to the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth which are two things you should always do when you get up. Some morning’s I’ll take a shower but most of the time I like to take showers at night just saves time and energy honestly. But nothing is better than clean teeth and a fresh clean face honestly, especially before putting on your makeup it just makes it feel so much better. Honestly, I think my makeup looks better when I do too.

After I’ve done that I’ll head back to my room make my bed and of course light my fall candles and just sort of tidy up my room a bit because I cannot stand having a messy room. Being clean is everything to me especially before I start doing any work or something during the day. So I just like to tidy up around my room and get it smelling a little more like fall too.

Then, I’ll head into the kitchen and just start making my coffee because who doesn’t love coffee? Plus its ten times better in fall. While I wait for that to finish brewing I’ll usually make myself eat some breakfast which I struggle with in the mornings at times. Most of the time it’s just cereal honestly or peanut butter toast because I get sick of other things pretty fast. Another thing I love having is a bagel in the morning those are pretty good and I don’t usually get sick of those as fast as everything else. Once I’ve made my coffee and food I’ll head back to my room sit and my desk and just scroll through Pinterest and WeHeartIt while I eat breakfast and drink my coffee and still sort of wake up.

Eventually, after I get done eating I’ll take my plate and cup back into the kitchen, wash those and put them away then head back to my room. I usually like to lay out my outfit for the day around this time and then start doing my makeup which is my favorite part of any and every day is doing my makeup and hair. Is it just me or is it just way therapeutic? That, a fall candle burning, and listening to music, is the best and most relaxing part of my day. Then once I’m done you know gotta take selfies for snapchat and Instagram, of course, like always.
After I’m done doing all of that I’ll just clean up my mess because there is usually makeup all over my desk/vanity. Then I’ll just start working on some blog posts or writing a bit for my ebook and planning out my day and figuring out what I need to get done and don’t need to do, etc. Then I’ll just get a bit of work done and just head out the door and usually run some errands or go to the store or something like that and that’s just about it honestly.

So, that was all for this post and I hope you guys enjoyed reading! Also, hope you guys are as excited as I am that I’m blogging again and about this new “Blogtober” series I’ve got going on. And I’m working on an ebook for you guys that should be ready very very soon! I’m really excited about all of this and working way hard on it for you guys. Thank you for reading and check back now daily for Blogtober posts! J