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Your lying in bed, procrastinating every little thing you have to do today and tomorrow because you don’t feel like doing it. Having no motivation, and no guilt or remorse about it either, you just continue to put it off until it’s too late to complete it all. Then you realize you’ve lost your source of an audience, an income, and you’ve lost your best state of mind because you stopped doing the one thing you love.

No more procrastination or putting important things off until it’s too late to do them, it’s time to start kicking a** and completing it all NOW. So here I bring you, the most productive morning routine. For you to read and use to motivate you and pick you up off of the couch again and have a good productive morning EVERY morning.  

5:30AM, get up. Start the coffee and go brush your teeth, wash your face, and use the restroom. Let's be real here, not one single person can be productive without being heavily caffeinated and full of coffee beforehand. Also been loving this new skincare routine and I’ll let you guys in on it in a post coming up soon. My favorite holy-grail skincare product though is Mario Badescu facial spray

6:00AM, make the cup of coffee just the right way because coffee = life. Head to the kitchen and grab breakfast. Normally, breakfast is fruit or something simple and easy to make because it’s hard to cook when you're super tired still.

6:30AM, eat and watch TV/YouTube. First George Lopez (or whatever your favorite show is), then watch some YouTube for motivation because George Lopez never gets old and is just probably one of the best Nick classics that ever aired. Then YouTube for work motivation, productive morning routines are a must for motivation.

7:00AM, make the bed and tidy up the house. It’s never good to work in a messy cluttered house honestly. It’ll clutter up your mind and thoughts and make it hard to work.

7:30AM, light a candle and get to work. Lighting a candle can put you in such a better mood. Can someone explain this as to why? Can’t even put it into words here. Then get to writing, filming, editing, scheduling, posting, emailing, etc. Work for about 3-6 hours depends on how much I have to do for the day.

10:30AM, workout. Working out is just going to make you feel so much more put together, confident, and happy all throughout so it’s worth doing, even this early in the day.

11:30AM-12PM, shower and get dressed. Errands almost always have to be ran almost every day it seems like. This is a good time for you to get dressed and ready to go run them and just get them completely out of the way.

12-3PM, run errands. Whether it be bills, groceries, etc. just get it all done around this time and normally grab some food while out unless you ate before leaving.

3PM, come home. Work a little more if needed, clean up if needed.

4-6PM, relax and binge TV shows or go out with friends. It’s relaxation time.

6PM, read a book, draw, work on journals etc. Get into a comfy/cozy mood and read a few chapters in favorite book or draw if it’s what calms you or work on your journal/bullet journal. Do what calms you most and makes you feel best. Even a good hot bubble bath will help with some candles. Just do something away from your phone and Tv.

7PM, get ready for bed and have time to lie on phone and chill for a while before sleeping. Catch up on social media, etc.

8PM, bedtime. Turn off the lights and hit the hay.


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Get Ready With Me | Valentines Date Night Look 2018!

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for for days, to get up get dressed up and go out with the love of your life, but what to wear and how should you do your makeup?!? You waited until last minute to figure it out and now here it is Valentine’s Day and time to get ready, WELLL, look no further. Here is my GRWM for Valentine’s Day post for date night. Now you can use this guide to look cute for your man tonight! GL and also, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
valentines day look

-Start with foundation, I like to use CoverGirl liquid foundation because it just seems to give me such good coverage and all of the above on every ladies wishlist for a foundation. 

-Then move on to concealer, now sometimes actually most of the time I’ll do this before foundation but I just go under my eyes to cover up my dark circles, they are terrible, then cover up any and all blemishes and redness I can see.

-After that, start on blush, contour, and highlight. My 3 favorite things are on this one. I normally start off with blush, then go over that with highlight so the blush doesn’t wipe off my highlight because let’s be honest we ALL love highlighter, then I go in and just contour where I normally will under my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose on each side and my forehead temples. Everyone has a different structure though so go with that goes well with your face and make sure you blend well you definitely don’t want contour lines!

-Then I go ahead and fill in my brows with my angled brush and a sort of light brown powder eyebrow filler because it seems to not be too extreme on my pale face and with blonde brows and hair.

-After my brows look like they are on fleek, lol. Then I go ahead and start on eyeshadow and I used this l'oreal the blushed nudes palette it’s like a light pink packaging and it’s so pretty and honestly, I feel like the colors work better and pop better than most do. But I’ll just go in with usually the greyish beige on the very end at the top, sorry these don’t have color names ugh, and then the dark sparkly brown under that greyish color on to my crease and blend that really well up to my brow bone. Then I’ll go in with the light beige color the 2nd one from the top and add that to my inner corners for a highlight on my eyes and to make me look more awake and make the eyeshadow pop. Then that same color I’ll add under my brow bone to kind of show a better crease and line for my shadow.

-After that, I’ll just go ahead and curl my lashes and use the Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara and I absolutely love this. But I’ll just go in with about 3-4 coats of that because I have really thin, short, and blonde lashes so I definitely need a few coats.

-Once I finish with that then I’ll just go ahead and do lipstick and for this look since it is a v-day look, I decided to go in with my matte Wet n’ Wild lipstick in the color 965 cherry picking then I just went over that with my gloss by Revlon colorstay moisture stain and it is in the color 015 Barcelona Nights I just love these two colors together, especially for this look, and they just blend together so well and pop and actually last for a really long while.

-As for my hair, I just went ahead with my Remington curling wand, not sure what inch the barrel is but I’ll link it for you guys, and just curl all pieces of my hair in small sections so I’ll get a full head of curly hair. Then I just spray it down with some hairspray and kind of shake it out with my hands to kind of separate the curls and go with a more wavy/ romantic/flirty look.

-After that, I’m all done and ready for Valentine’s Day!

That’s all for this post and I truly hope you enjoyed it and it inspired you with a really cute V-day look! For outfit ideas, I went with just a simple black tank I got from Rue 21 a while back and some cute denim distressed shorts that I purchased a while ago from American eagle. Then I’m just pairing that with a plain beige pair of sandals from American eagle also. You could also wear a cute dress, especially pink, red, or black, that would go GREAT with this look. Anyways, thanks for reading and check back for more great posts soon!

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The Trick To Inspiration | Getting Motivated To Get To Work


Sometimes we just have phases where we feel stuck like we have no inspiration or motivation to do anything at all. It can be a terrible thing though because it’s like you have so much to do and you don’t have the motivation or inspiration to do it. This can especially happen when your job is a blogger or vlogger because inspiration is something you severely need in your life and mindset if you want to get anything done at all. Nothing is possible without motivation and a good mindset. The thing I’ve learned that helps me,  cozy vibes. Light up some candles, crawl in your bed with your laptop, put on your favorite TV show (just turn the volume down so it doesn’t distract you), make sure you have coffee because trust me it’s necessary, plug in your favorite string lights and just sit back and start working. Don’t worry about anything else besides being cozy and getting to work. The reason this trick helps is because it gets you into a good cozy and comfortable mindset which sort of triggers a happy feeling and positive feeling in you and makes you want to work because you’re actually so cozy that motivation will increase because you're in a different spot than normal. Another thing that helps me is having a clean house/workspace because it’s hard to work whenever you’re working in a mess and it’s all cluttered and everything else, that never helps anything. When you have a cluttered space, it sort of feels like it’s cluttering up your mind so the cleaner it is and organized, the better!

So when you start feeling like you don’t have the motivation to work or do anything productive like work, clean, errands, etc. get the motivation and inspiration to work. Look up motivational videos on YouTube, one of my favorites are personally looking up productive morning and night routines because watching other people be productive, makes me want to be productive so it’s definitely a good idea. Another thing, quotes. Motivational quotes are all over Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, even some certain Facebook pages and blogs all over the internet. You could even google “motivational quotes” right now and then go to images and find a TON of motivational quotes and sayings that will help you get up and get moving and working. This trick I think I have used myself since I was about 15 because I would need school motivation or cleaning motivation and I would use quotes or videos and it would motivate me to get up and actually do the things I needed to get done and it’s definitely even more resourceful now that I’m 20 and a blogger and need the motivation at times to get stuff done. It can sometimes seem hard to be or stay motivated but if you use my tips then I promise you, you’ll be up and going again in NO time.

That’s all for this post you guys, I hope you enjoyed reading and it gave you the tips and tricks to just get up and get moving and productive again so you can get back to work and make that $$$.

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Office Inspo Board | #Girlboss Office Inspiration + Ideas 


Mood Board Monday | No. 2

Happy Monday!! So, I'm back you guys with another Mood Board Monday for My Life in a Blog, and I'm actually really loving doing these posts! They are just honestly super fun to make and write and it just gives me the time to express myself and what moods I'm feeling for the week. 

To start off this mood board, I want to start off with the two desk images I have included. My mood lately has just been officey like I would love to have and make my own office for blogging. Pinterest has given me a ton of inspiration for it and I'm loving the ideas I've found. Anyways, then onto the next image. I've been really into bubble baths again lately because honestly, I just forgot how relaxing and beneficial they are so I've really fallen back in love with those and plan on sticking to that at least once a week. The food in the collage is actually a buddha bowl recipe from Tasty that I tried a while back and it was AMAZING and super super super healthy so I definitely have been wanting to make more soon and definitely plan on it sometime hopefully this week! As for the calendar its a bullet journal because one of my absolute favorite things to do, is write in it. Like I love bullet journaling, am I the only one? Don't think so. Anyways, and then the last is just a sort of relaxing coffee image with a really cozy vibe to it and I'm loving it because there's nothing I love more than chilling and relaxing and drinking coffee! 

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