Tuesday, June 27, 2017

An Open Letter to PLL | PLL Ending Soon

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An Open Letter to PLL | PLL Ending Soon

If you are as crazy and obsessed as I am when it comes to PLL, you will relate to this letter very much. Pretty Little Liars, has changed my life for the better. It’s always been my weekly relaxation time and it always takes my mind off of the world and everything that’s gone wrong or bad in my life. It helps to keep me out of depression.

So, in honor of this ending coming up next week which I am NOT what so ever mentally ready for, I decided to write this open letter. You can definitely relate I’m sure if you love this show as much as I do. Honestly, I’m going to bawl nonstop next Tuesday. So, here we go.

Dear Pretty Little Liars, Marlene King, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, Tyler Blackburn, Ian Harding, Keeone Allen, Janel Parish, and the rest of the PLL cast and to all who made this show happen and possible.

I have to say thank you a thousand times for making this show happen. This show has been an inspiration to me for love, that no matter what true love always finds its way back and it ends up better than ever. That real friendships are possible, because these girls stuck by each other for 7 long years after everything they went through in this show. That it’s possible to get out of any sticky situation no matter how hard it might seem. It has taught me I don’t have to spend the rest of my life depressed or unhappy.

This show has shown me, how to get out of depression and find happiness. I used to be depressed, but once I found this show it took out an hour each week every Tuesday (PLL DAY!) and it made me forget about every problem or anything bad I’ve ever dealt with. It made every painful situation, seem not as painful once I finished watching. Mainly because it put my main focus on the show and trying to find out who AD is. It has taught me, Ezra that people can grow and change so much and become so much more of a better and loving person. It’s taught me that no matter what life throws at you, it’s possible to make it through it all, Spencer mainly. No matter how much or how badly it seems your family falls apart, it’s still all okay in the end.

This show has also taught me to stand up to bullies and not let them walk all over me. To never let someone torture you or push you too far and to stand up to them. Even if that means playing the game with them and alongside them to be the bigger and better person, it’s possible to stand up to them. That no matter too how mean or horrible a person seems, there’s always a story or reason behind it. Also, with Emison, that love is love no matter what gender shape or form. They are adorable together and belong together so much. That no matter how far off love wanders, it always finds its way back with Spoby. No matter what you go through or what happens or how many arguments you might have, you make it through when it’s true love and that’s Ezria. And no matter who you’re with or where you’re at in life, if you let true love go it’s always going to find its way back as Haleb did.

This show was one of the biggest blessings in my life, and the most incredible thing and journey I’ve ever taken and been through. Full of cliff hangers and constantly coming up with new theories and shipping my fav couples and wanting to throw the remote at my TV when they would break up. This show has taken me on a wild ride and I couldn’t thank it more. It also helped me find my true style, over the years as I’ve watched Spencer’s character mature her style became more and more my style. Now, every time I go in a store I ask myself, “Would Spencer Hastings wear this?” If so I usually buy it.

I’m not sure if this show means as much to you as it has me for so long, but it means the absolute world to me. It makes my week better every time I watch a Tuesday episode. Never will I ever forget about this incredibly amazing and inspiring show and I will forever and always cherish it and remember all of the crazy things and events that happened to these girls and couples in this show. I’m so excited to see the finale but also extremely dreading it because I know I’m going to cry my eyes out. So that was my open letter to PLL and the gang. I love you PLL and I will forever carry this show in my heart. Thank you so much for this crazy wild ride and journey! To the show, cast, everyone that made this possible thank you so much and I love you so much for making this show happen. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Best Business Casual Outfits/Pieces | Business Casual / Preppy Style.

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The Best Business Casual Outfits/Pieces.
*This Post May Contain Affiliate Links*

So while I’ve been busy and off and not blogging as often as I need too, I know sorry you guys, I’ve actually found and been focusing on finding my sort of style. My new style is a lot of preppy and business casual. Something about a blazer and a good pair of boots/booties just makes me get heart eyes. Sooo, I figured why not just make a post or a list of all of the best outfits and pieces that I could find for you guys and obviously for myself too to help you find your perfect pieces to put together the absolute best outfits.
If you want to find your style or just your styles perfect pieces for that perfect outfit, just keep reading.

Favorite Blazers.
Now one of my absolute favorite things and pieces in my new style is definitely a good blazer. Honestly, these look so good with any and everything almost so I have to show you guys some of my absolute favorite blazers.

Favorite Trousers.
One thing that is new to me are definitely trousers. They aren’t the cutest until you pair them with the right top, blazer, and pair of shoes with a good bag. Here are some of my favorite pairs and styles.

Favorite Dresses.
Anyone who really knows me, knows I am absolutely obsessed with dresses. They are just super girly, super cute, and can actually be very businessy/preppy. So, here are some of my favorite dresses and picks for a business casual/preppy outfit and style.

Favorite Skirts.
One thing about dressing more preppy/business casual is there are a ton of ways to wear pencil skirts. Although they can seem horrid, they really aren’t you just have to know how to wear them. Here are some of my picks.

Favorite Pant Suits & Jump Suits.
Although I haven’t officially purchase a pant suit yet, I have purchased my first jump suit and it is super comfy and way adorable so I highly recommend these with a good blazer and some good shoes. You won’t regret it. Also, if it seems too plain just add in some cute accessories and it will look absolutely great.

Favorite Shoes.
We all love shoes, but sometimes it gets a bit tricky with these outfits. Here are some of my picks that go really well with these pieces.

Favorite Bags.
Every girl needs a good handbag to keep all her necessities in. Here are my favorite picks that also all look very well with business casual outfits and look very professional.

Favorite Tops.
Well, we have to have a top to go under all of those incredible looking blazers right? Here are some of my favs.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Favorite Things About Summer!

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My Favorite Things About Summer.
favorite things summer 2017 beach swimming waves
Finally, it’s almost summer and already hot weather! So now that it’s already hot outside and almost summer I figured why not make a list of my favorite things about summer and what my favorite things to do are? I mean I can’t be the only one that absolutely loves summer, of course, fall is forever my favorite season but summer is 2nd always! So here’s the list and I hope you guys enjoy reading and this gives you some ideas of what to do for this summer!
favorite things summer 2017 beach swimming waves

·         The beach.

·         The pool.

·         Swimming (obviously).

·         Waterparks.

·         Best season for SIX FLAGS! (My favorite place in the world to be honest.)

·         Watermelon season!!!

·         Cute outfits.

·         Wear all the sandals and dresses in the world!

·         Buying cute new bathing suits.

·         Bright cute colors.

·         Hair gets lighter!

·         Skin gets tanner (sort of or sunburned…)

·         Summer nights.

·         Trips and road trips.

·         No more freezing!

·         Workout outside.

·         Go out more, without being completely bundled up.

·         Did I mention cute outfits?

·         Most good music comes out around summer!

·         More things to do. (Everything goes on in summer, literally!)

·         Bright nail colors make more sense!

·         Sandal weather!

·         Ice cream and frozen yogurt are even better!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Get to Know Me | The Girl Behind The Blog

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Get to Know Me | The Girl Behind The Blog.
learn about me girl behind blogging and lifestyle blog

I’ve been writing on my blog for a while now and the only thing you guys really know about me is what I wrote in my bio so I figured it was time to give you guys some info about me!

My favorite things are obviously writing and blogging as you can tell because of how much I write about how passionate I am about my blogging and what I do so that you guys already knew I guess! I’m 5’1 exactly, yes I know, going to be 20 in December which seems unreal, blonde that used to be strawberry blonde :/. I’m a Pretty Little Liars and Selena Gomez obsessed fan from time to time and could probably talk about the both for days and never stop, I also like Ariana Grande and The Chainsmokers and occasionally country music because I grew up on that. Another thing you should know is that music is my life and I’m actually a pretty decent singer but the only people that have heard me sing and probably ever will is my little brother which is 7 and it was years ago that he heard me sing and my dog that lives back at my Mom’s place. I was born in Hattiesburg, MS and raised in Laurel, MS and went to school up until 10th grade and then ended up getting my GED because I stayed sick so I couldn’t finish school. Then I got to go to college earlier than anyone else I knew and earlier than I was supposed to which was pretty cool!
Few other things about me is that I have pretty severe asthma and allergies and whenever I was in about 6th grade I got my first case of pneumonia and it was so bad they had to hospitalize me for a week and gave me a breathing treatment every 2 hours… so annoying. I thought I would honestly never get out of the hospital. Before that happened, I went to a lung specialist in Jackson, MS and he found a spot on my lung in my left lower lobe and told me it was a mucus plug and if it didn’t clear up he would have to go in and vacuum it out. Afterwards, I was hospitalized a couple more times up until 9th grade for the last time with severe pneumonia in both lungs and my left lung collapsed. They gave me tons of stronger breathing treatments and eventually I finally got out of course but it was a nightmare because around the time we found out my favorite Aunt I was named after had stage 4 brain cancer and was dying so it was all a nightmare of a time.
When we lost my Aunt in 2013 I went through a deep depression because we were so close and it tore me to pieces to lose her. Honestly, my head was out of whack and I done a lot of crazy things. Once I started my GED classes in 2015 I was much better and had changed a ton. I was finally okay and happy even though I did have my moments.

Another thing about me is that I have anxiety and depression. The anxiety always causes my depression because I have social anxiety and a few others and it’s very annoying. Ninety percent of the time I’ll just lie in bed and overthink every little thing from my anxiety and end up depressed for days over it. It’s a nightmare but I’m trying to fight it without any sort of medications because I don’t want to turn into someone I’m not. So I fight it and try to be the most optimistic person alive. I’m also another one of those people who can fake a smile like a professional whenever I really feel like I’m falling apart on the inside.

Those are some of the things that my parents don’t even know themselves about me. Things that I can’t talk to anyone else about but I can somehow write about it. Music and writing takes me to a different place and level and I can’t explain it. It’s like whenever I listen to my music and I just write it all out I’m on a different planet and I absolutely love it. It helps my anxiety and everything so much that it’s unreal. That’s one of the main reasons why I started a blog and why I love writing and blogging so much. I’ve always written things whenever I had too much on my mind but I never actually done anything with it up until now and I’m so glad I can now.

Anyways, that’s all I can think of writing for now you guys so I hope you enjoyed reading this and finally getting to know me! If you have any other questions you would like to know or if you just want to tell me about yourself also please feel free to comment and I would be glad to hear your info also! Thanks so much for reading as always you guys! J

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

At Home Spa Night | Pamper Night Routine

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At Home Spa Night / Pamper Night Routine.
at home spa night and pamper routine

This post hasn’t been written in a while so I figured why not write it for you guys! One of my favorite things to do after a long day is to just have myself a good pamper night and just relax and get refreshed again. There are tons of things I like to do a good pamper night so if you would like to know my routine and have your own, just keep reading! J

©       The first thing I like to do is just grab all of the things I will need in the bath or when I get out. The things I like to get are, portable speaker to jam out because music is the best especially during a spa night, my phone just in case I want to change the song or watch some YouTube or something, all of my moisturizers which are usually already in the bathroom, some nail polish and remover and nail clippers, hair brush and products I like to add to my hair after I get out, clothes duh, a good bubble bath (bath and body works is my favorite), and some candles or at least one to light while I relax.

©       Once I’ve got everything I need I just start running my water and add my bubble bath. My current favorite is Paris Amour by Bath and Body Works because it just smells so good and girly which is totally me!
©       While my waters running I like to light some candles, wash my face, and just go ahead and brush my teeth to get it over with before I get in the tub.

©       Once the tub is full I just like to obviously get in and I usually just lie back and relax while I jam to some of my favorite music. Usually, I’ll go with some bubble bath playlists on Spotify or just some type of relaxing music and from time to time I’ll go to country because I don’t know I just really like country or I’ll sing along to Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande because I mean why not right?

©       After I’ve had a good soak in the tub for at least about 30 minutes I’ll just shave my legs and everything and just wash myself really well and then I’ll turn on the shower and rinse off everything and just wash my hair like normal just to get all of the bubbles and everything out.

©       After I’m done in the tub I just get out dry off like normal and just use my FAVORITE lotion which is EOS and I have the full set which comes with the body lotion, chap stick, and the hand lotion and I usually like to use the hand one on my face just because it doesn’t seem to break me out somehow.

©       Then I’ll just moisturize all over my legs arms and everywhere just to make sure I’m completely pampered up because moisturizing is essential on a pamper night but especially after shaving.

©       After I finish with that I’ll just put on deodorant (obv) and throw on my clothes I have laid out which is usually something super comfy and my big t-shirts are my favorites for nights like this because they are soo comfy and just throw on either some joggers or some pajama shorts ( I have a TON. )

©       Once I have all of that done I’ll just usually remove all of my old nail polish and just cut and repaint my nails because I probably haven’t in weeks and pamper nights are the best nights to do this in my opinion. I’m not the greatest at painting my nails you guys, not gonna lie.

©       Then once my nails are painted and looking cute, I’ll wash my hands because feet aren’t the cleanest. Then I head into the kitchen and if it’s still pretty early I’ll make myself some coffee or if it’s later I’ll make myself some tea.

©       After I have that made I’ll just usually lay in the bed and either write some blog posts, get on social media, YouTube, read some other blogs, or just read a good magazine and watch TV.

So that was all for my pamper night/spa night routine you guys! Hope you all enjoyed reading and that you also have a great pamper night yourself. Comment some of your favorite things to do on your pamper/spa night routines I would love to hear! Thank you for reading and check back soon for more. J