Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cutest Summer Bikinis + Where to Get Them for Good/Cheap/Low Prices.

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Cutest Summer Bikinis + Where to Get Them for Good Prices.
cute cheap summer 2017 bikinis bathing suits

It’s SUMMER! Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with this season. I HATE the heat but I absolutely love cute bathing suits, the waterpark, amusement parks, the beach, swimming, etc. Summer is the best season though for some cute bathing suits, cover ups, tank tops, etc. In this post though, I’m going to show you guys some of the absolute cutest bathing suits I’ve found and the best places/place to get them cheap and at a great price! Its summertime, you’re supposed to break the bank buying tickets and watermelon, not all of it on clothes. So, here are some of the cutest but also cheapest bikinis with the best quality that I could find! Hope you guys enjoy and find these cute! J

Monday, July 10, 2017

Makeup Favorites List + Products I Highly Recommend.

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Makeup Favorites List + Products I Highly Recommend.
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makeup favorites list products highly recommended too faced morphe etc

Hey loves, so I figured it was time to finally share my favorite makeup brands and products and the products I recommend the most. Honestly, I haven’t done too many makeup posts or beauty so I’m trying to change that and share more with you guys because it is something I feel I should post more about.

Anyways, if you guys are interested in my makeup favorites list and the products I highly recommend to you, then just keep reading. J

Favorite Foundation

Sometimes I love this foundation and sometimes I don’t, it just depends on how much coverage it gives me and how much I have to use. The first one in this list is the one I use daily and the others are some that I have tried and highly recommend for you.

Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes

These are some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes rated by quality, colors, etc. I’m blue eyed so I try to stick to more of the peachy, orange, or brown shades because those seem to make my eyes pop a little more. Most of these have more colors than that though in them so you could probably use them easily also.

Favorite Eyeliner

It took me forever to find any eyeliner I liked because I rarely wear eyeliner anyways but here are some of my favorites. I usually don’t do regular eyeliner when I do wear eyeliner, just a simple cat eye with liquid eyeliner does the trick.

Favorite Brow Styling Tools

I’m not really sure what to call brow makeup so I’m just calling it this. I’m blonde so I don’t have to do much to my brows but I do like to add just a little color to them to make them look like they are actually there because they can be sort of hard to see sometimes.

Favorite Brushes

Brushes are extremely important for any type of makeup look because you have to make sure the quality is good so they do a good job and also last a long time and don’t fall apart. Here are my favorites and the best quality ones that I could find/think of.

Favorite Mascara

This is something that I severely need to pay attention to when I buy/use it because I have blonde lashes on the inner part of my lashes, so I definitely have to make sure that I get a good voluminous and covering mascara so all of these are ones I’ve tried that gave me very good coverage and volume.

Favorite Lipsticks + Colors

Every girl likes lipsticks and glosses. I’m more of a lipstick person so here are some of my picks with the best quality and color in them.

Favorite Bronzers and Blushes

Being pale, bronzer and blush is my best friend because I need color. I pay close attention to which products give me the best color, not too much but not too little. Here are my picks and favorites.

Favorite Contour Kits

Contouring is a little new to me so I like to use really good quality kits that actually do the job and don’t make me look like a clown. Here are ones I’ve tried and actually liked.

Favorite Highlighters / Kits

HIGHLIGHTER YESSSS. This is literally the best thing ever invented in the world of makeup and my favorite thing to put on. I love to glow and sparkle and shine and highlighter definitely helps me do this. Here are some of my favorites and ones that did the job and gave me that sparkle and shine I was looking for. J

Favorite Makeup Remover / Wipes

Last but not least, we have to take off our makeup by the end of the day unless we want to be broke out everywhere. Here are my favorites and the ones that seemed to remove the most makeup the best and that didn’t break out my face or burn my sensitive skin. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Honest Bloom and Prosper Candles Review + Why I'm Buying Again

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Bloom and Prosper Candles Review
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bloom and prosper candle review tobacco oak comforting sandalwood

Recently I came across these candles in Ross one day because I love Ross and I’m literally in there every single day I have the money to spend. I was walking around and then stopped to smell candles and ended up spending way too much on candles and clothes but anyways. This post is not sponsored but it does contain affiliate links only because I want you guys to be able to purchase these too if you want after this post because they really are amazing candles which is why I’m writing this for you guys.

So, about a week ago, I went in Ross and walked to the back and found this incredible candle by bloom and prosper and the scent was tobacco and oak. The smell was absolutely so incredible, I could not put it down. Plus, the jar was super cute and had a white and black color to it and had stay positive written on the top of the lid and the front of the jar, which was even cooler to me. Usually I don’t care for tobacco or oak smells at all, but this was different. This candle smelt so different and it has a musky smell to it but also a sweet and also perfumey sell to it and I fell in love. Not only that but I noticed, it was only about $12 originally and down to $7 at Ross. Um yes, I had to grab that baby because it smells sooo amazing.

The second I got home I lit it and literally I could smell it in the living room everywhere and also down the hall and in the kitchen because it’s such a rich and good scent that you can smell it that far away. It actually burns very evenly too which is a shock because most candles don’t do that too well. Anyways, I absolutely fell in love with this candle and it’s just so pretty and smells absolutely amazing.

Then, today I went back into Ross and of course, me being me and my candle loving self, went to the back to smell. Well, I found ANOTHER bloom and prosper but this one was a tad bit different. It was shorter and had a different look to the jar. It wasn’t as cute as the other, but it was still pretty cute and actually reminded me of beachy vibes honestly. Well, I smelled it and could NOT put it down again. The scent of this one is comforting sandalwood and it says it’s scented for relaxation. It has also a wood wick so it has that crackling sound which is SUPER relaxing. The smell sort of reminds me of an amazing smelling mens cologne and the beach mixed together. It’s absolutely incredible and the smell is actually very rich and strong but also it’s not too overpowering.

Best part is, I got this one for only $5.99 at Ross and it was only originally $8.95. These candles are super cheap but they smell SO good. When I lit this candle I could automatically smell it and it’s such a rich scent that it didn’t surprise me I could smell it all throughout the house. The sound was absolutely so relaxing and I will forever be in love with wooden wicks now because of the sound. It also like the last one burns super evenly which is still surprising in any candle.

Final review, these candles are absolutely incredible and I give them a 10+ because of how amazing they smell, look, and how relaxing the smells are which I’ve never had in a candle. Bath and body works has some competition now. J

Thank you guys for reading and if you would like to get yourself some of these amazing candles that I highly recommend, you can look below and find the ones I have and also some others that I’m going to try very soon! If you get them or one please comment and let me know your thoughts as well. I love to hear from you guys. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and check back soon for more loves. J

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tips to Stay Motivated to Get Healthy + Keep Going to the Gym.

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Tips to Stay Motivated to Get Healthy + Keep Going to the Gym.

One of the things all of us, especially us girls, have issues with is staying motivated to work out. Honestly, it’s not even the working out part that’s hard, it’s eating healthy and staying motivated to keep doing it. Eventually you get sick of it and come up with a million excuses to not go. This is something I do and why I’m about to put a change to it to keep myself motivated and keep at it because I’m tired of not reaching my goal! It’s time to reach our goals and dreams and stop letting life and obstacles get in our way!

Let’s do this 2017!

1.     Good Music.

The number one thing that has always kept me motivated to keep going to the gym and not give up, is good music. On days my music is on point, I am on point. Not only does good music make me happy and want to dress up and look cute and just have a good day all throughout, it also makes me wanna kick a** at the gym. Honestly, I can find one good song put it on repeat and start thinking about how I wanna test it out at the gym and run to it like crazy. So, I hit the gym. The more updated you keep your playlists and songs, the more you’ll stay motivated. Music can always motivate you if your big on having your music while you workout and honestly, who doesn’t listen to music while they work out? It’s what gets me through my workouts. Turn up those jams and get to running girl!

2.     Motivational Quotes.

This is another thing that REALLY motivates me a ton. You can get on WeHeartIt or even Pinterest and just put in the search bar “Fitness motivation” “Motivational quotes” or “fitspo” you’ll find tons of motivational quotes. Not only that but a ton of pictures of healthy people that will make you want to be healthy too and also a ton of healthy food pictures and everything else. It’s super super motivating and I’ve been using this trick on and off for years now I just stop which is what makes me lose motivation. Look at them when you wake up and read some, you’ll be motivated. You could also set one of the pictures as your lock screen to look at and read every single day to motivate you and remind you to go to the gym every single day. Also, write some down and decorate it a little get a bulletin board and put them on there and keep them in a place you can read them every day, now you have motivation everyday on your wall also!

3.     Buy New Clothes.

I don’t even have to explain this too much, if you’re a girl you’ll get it. Cute workout clothes are the most motivational thing! Just do your hair up cute and wear that cute new outfit and boom, you’ll be extremely ready to hit the gym and kill your workout. Reward yourself too every time you lose a pound or a few, that way you’ll want to keep going to keep rewarding yourself. Nothing more motivating than doing this trust me.

4.     Hang a Piece of Clothing on your Wall.

You are probably thinking, “What on earth?” What I mean by this is get a piece of clothing that you can’t fit or want to eventually fit into after you lose the weight. If you don’t have one, go get yourself something like a shirt or even bathing suits are super helpful! Hang them on the wall and look at it every day to remind yourself you have to go to be able to fit into that like you want. I’ve tried this and it helps a TON. Like I said, nothing more motivational than new cute clothes.

5.     Start a Fitness Journal.

This is super super super helpful honestly you guys. All you need is a journal which you can get for like literally $4-$5 at Ross which is where I got mine and they have a ton that have really cute designs and quotes on them. You could even get a $1 notebook or something from dollar general, Walmart, or dollar tree. Anything works honestly I started off with a spiral notebook for $1 until I got my journals. You could start a bullet journal and track your workouts and everything in it OR make it completely about fitness. Lately, I track it all in my bullet journal but you could totally just start a fitness only journal. Write and draw motivational quotes everywhere in it and decorate it really cute. Also track your workouts, what you did that day, what all you ate, if you know how many calories you ate or burned write that down, how you felt during it and afterwards, honestly whatever you want to write in it. Then you can look back at your progress and its super motivational. Progress is the BEST motivation because you actually see it working and so you want to keep going.

6.     Go with a Friend / Significant Other.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half and lived together the majority of the time so we always go together and it motivates me so much. Not only because it’s not just you going but usually one of you won’t feel like going and the other will so you just tell each other, hey no you’re getting up and we’re going. It’s actually really helpful because it makes you not miss as much all the time all because your just tired or “don’t feel like it” is my excuse usually. He helps me go and motivates me to go. Now though I have to motivate him more but he’s the one who got me into going for good in the first place so it’s nice to have someone making you get up and go all the time. If you don’t have a girl/boyfriend, that’s okay! You don’t need to have one to go, lol. Just grab a friend or even family member, one time I even brought my Mom lol, and it can still be just as fun and motivating. My Mom actually pushed me harder in the gym and told me to keep going, lol!

7.     Look Up TASTY Healthy Recipes.

I know you guys are thinking healthy eating is disgusting and boring and plain, I promise it’s not that bad! Used to I would eat a salad or some fruit and that was it and I ended up bored with it and stopped. Then I got on Pinterest and looked up some really healthy good recipes, there were a ton and all were actually super yummy! Pinterest has a ton of different types of healthy recipes to try out and honestly, you’ll find a ton that are really tasty. I didn’t think I would until I tried and I didn’t know I could cook as good as I do, until we started eating healthy and it turned out REALLY good! J

8.     Remind Yourself Daily Why You’re Doing It.

Don’t do this for a guy, over a breakup, because someone said something mean to you, or for boys or stares. Do this for yourself and your health. For you to feel confident in your own skin and happy with yourself and proud of yourself for doing it. That is why you should do it, for YOU. To feel and be healthy and happy. That’s all that should matter. If you remind yourself of this daily, you’ll keep at it and you will feel incredibly great in the end when you reach your goal.

So that’s all for this post you guys! I’ll be posting more fitness and get fit with me posts on here just to keep you guys and myself motivated and keeping at it! Remember this is for YOU and for you to be happy and healthy again! Thanks for reading you guys and check back soon for more. J I post M-F now too by the way. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Favorite Workout Outfits / Gym Outfits + Pieces

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Favorite Workout Outfits / Gym Outfits + Pieces
cute gym outfits pieces inspiration workout

Let’s be real, there’s nothing more motivating to go to the gym and workout than a good outfit for the gym am I right? So, that’s why I wrote this post for you guys. I know how hard it can be to stay motivated for the gym but how motivating cute new outfits and clothes are for the gym. Plus, I’m trying to finally get healthy again so I figured why not write this for you guys?

So, if you need some cute outfits for the gym and some good motivation to get to the gym, just keep reading.

Favorite Sports Bras.

When I think sports bra, I think comfortable. If it doesn’t look/feel comfortable I’m not wasting my money or time on it. Here are some really cute and comfortable sports bras that I highly recommend to you guys!

Favorite Workout Tops.

Cute tops, especially with motivating quotes, are always the best and greatest motivation for working out. Here are some of my favorites.

Favorite Pants and Shorts for the Gym.

Once again, my number one thing on this is comfort and style at the same time. So, I pay high attention to this with my workout pants and shorts. Here are my top picks that are stylish yet comfortable at the same time!

Favorite Shoes.

I’ll try to find some shoes other than Nike but I highly recommend Nike because they are the best brand possible and literally made for working out. Plus, they are literally all super cute.

Favorite Gym Bags.

We need somewhere to put all of our gym essentials but where on earth do we put them?!? In one of these cute bags!

Favorite Headphones.

Nothing on this earth motivates me to work out more than good music and good sound to my music. New headphones motivate me to go to the gym to just test them out and jam out while I’m getting my workout on. Here are my picks.

So that’s all for this post and I hope you guys enjoyed reading and found something cute to motivate you to get your sweat on! Now go hit that gym up. J Thanks for reading and check back for more soon.