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Beginner's Guide to Blogging!

A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging!

As most of you may know, I have not gotten way at the top of blogging just YET, but I have gotten a pretty long way so I would like to share with you guys tips/tricks for beginning your blog.
So maybe you’ve started your blog and don’t know where to start, or maybe you are thinking of starting a blog, here is how I started mine and some motivation and pep talk along the way.
1.    When you start a blog, always make sure to keep writing good, quality, content. No I’m not saying write like 20 posts a day, lol, I’m just saying make sure you post at the LEAST once a day to not only build up your traffic/views but to also get readers coming back and interested in your posts/blog and what you write about.
2.    Always proofread. No I’m not stating that you have to have like extremely great English and grammar skills, at all! Mine if you have not noticed are not perfect either. Just make sure to go back and check to see if everything is in place and if it’s punctuated at least decently and that you have everything spelled correctly so people can read it. Usually Word will let you know if it’s not spelled correctly or if somethings wrong with grammar.
3.    Share your content. Share all of the posts you make to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, even Snapchat if you would like! Also don’t forget about Google plus! Sharing your content will help your posts get views and also your blog. It’s a great way to get readers.
4.    Do not get discouraged/give up!!! Guys, I know you get busy with life, things happen, but when you just give up because your not getting enough views/traffic or because your just unmotivated, you will never make it to the top! You have to keep at it and stay as positive and patient as you can. Sometimes, it can seem absolutely impossible to stay positive about it… Especially whenever everything slows down and your hardly getting views for a while at first. YOU GUYS, blogging takes time and patience, getting views/traffic takes time and patience, even writing good and quality posts takes time and patience! Not one person that is at the top today ever got there in an hour a couple of days or even weeks. It takes a couple of months, some people it could take years, but it’s not something you give up on.
5.    If you need motivation. If you guys need motivation to keep on writing/keeping on which I completely understand I hit rock bottom once too, there are tons of great successful blogs out there with tips to get you up there and to motivate you again. There are also bloggers on YouTube that talk about blogging, or motivation to blog, or really anything related to blogging you can find on YouTube now! I have a few I watch like Hayley Paige that talks a lot about blogging and tips. Search the terms “blogging” or “blogging tips” to help find some videos/posts.
6.    Be patient, if you give up you will not gain views you will only lose them and it will make it harder on you to come back. Here was my mistake… A few months ago me and my fiancée had some problems and we took a month off, yes we are fine now of course. That month we took off threw me all off track from blogging, I mean completely. I did not post nor even check on my blog that entire month… Of course that only made me more depressed I believe. Doing that, I lost tons of the views that I was getting before that happened. My first post back had not nearly as many views as before. Why you ask? Because I gave up! But honestly, with blogging GIVING UP IS SIMPLY NOT AN OPTION! You HAVE to keep at it and keep motivated and positive. You have to imagine how great it is going to be when you do finally reach the top! Look at all the people who did, if that’s not motivating I don’t know what is!
7.    Imagine everything you’ll be able to do when you do reach the top! Once you reach the top, you will have tons of readers/fans out there. You will have tons of support. You will be able to take the trips you’ve dreamed of your entire life, and get yourself the things you’ve wanted for a long time. But it’s not easy, you just have to work hard to get there. Once you do, I’m sure it will be absolutely fantastic. Honestly, I cannot wait to get there!
8.    Keep at it no matter what happens. If you’re going through a breakup or break like I did, write about it then! Get it all off your chest! If it’s a family problem, blog it out! Even a friend that done you completely wrong, blog about it. Not only does it keep you heading towards the top it also helps relieve so much stress by putting it all down and getting it off of your chest.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Thanks so much for reading once again and I hope my tips, tricks, and pep talk helped you guys get motivated. Remember do not give up and always keep at it. Be patient, great things take time! Just work your butt off and you’ll be there in no time. Good luck you guys! J

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