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Blogging Tips!

Blogging Tips/Tricks.
If you guys just started blogging or are planning on starting a blog soon, here are my tips and tricks on what I like to do to help me stay on track and help me stay motivated.
1.     Make a blogging journal. Get a journal/notebook and write down everything that you would like to post or plan on posting soon. Write down ideas/picture ideas etc. It will help when you write it all down and make a list so you know what you have already posted and wrote and haven’t. To help keep you on track of your posting.
2.     Get a planner and plan out when you want to post and when you want a break. I just got a cheap little purple planner from Walmart and I write down every post that needs to come out on certain days and what I would like to post. It helps keep me on track of when I need to do what, once I’m finished I just cross off what I have posted or written and scheduled.
3.     Set phone alarms. Usually I have my phone in my hand 24/7 so having alarms set reminds me to write or schedule or publish a post I need to post.
4.     Write ahead. I know this can be frustrating especially when your tired of writing sometimes or something because you’ve posted plenty but it’s always good to have plenty of posts already written and ready to post because it gives you more days off. If you do this then you can set them to come out at scheduled times and then your still posting, but you don’t have to write a new post every single day. So really I’m saying, write ahead of time.
5.     Always go back and proofread and make sure everything is in place. I know that can be annoying but no person in the world is going to want to read a post with terrible wording or a post they cannot read even one word to because you just typed it all in a hurry.
6.     If you love blogging, you’ll get it done. If you love being a blogger as much as I do, you will understand what I’m saying. You will get it all done in time, and you will work hard at it, if you love it you will treat it like your own child. You will post all the time, check on those posts, change the design probably 20 times until its right, edit, check traffic, check on the audience, make sure your posts are scheduled right. It’s all a long process but completely worth it in the end!

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