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Christmas Makeup Routine

Christmas Makeup Routine!
So, I’ve been noticing people are posting a lot of Christmas makeup routines on YouTube and a few blogs lately! So I figured, why not post mine! Here it is you guys.
1.     So the first thing I like to do, as always, is wash my hands so no dirt or anything gets onto my face. This is one of the number one causes of breakouts, which no one loves.
2.     After my hands are clean I just get my foundation and put 3 pumps on the base of my hand and just dot that on my face. Then I apply it all with my foundation brush.
3.     After I finish that, I grab my concealer and dot that under my eyes to cover up those dark circles and blend that out with my beauty blender.
4.     Once I have that good and blended in, I will apply my FitMe powder all over my face to set the liquid foundation in place and to give me better coverage.
5.     After that I use a shadow bronze, and I grab my bronzer brush and just contour my face under my cheekbones, on my nose, and the top of my forehead.
6.     Once I’m finished contouring I will grab my highlighter, and yes I’m one of those girls that goes crazy with highlighter, and put tons on my nose, and the outer half of my cheekbone, also I sometimes add a bit on my brow bone.
7.     Next, I start on brows, I just apply a brow wax to set them in one place so they aren’t everywhere and then I apply a brown coat of brow shadow on them and just blend that out until it looks almost natural.
8.     Once I finish with brows, I start on eyeshadow. For this look I started with a sparkly gold color and I dabbed that into the inner corner of my eyes and on my brow bone.
9.     After I finish the eye highlight, I go in with a dark matte brown all over my lid up to my brow bone, then I use a sparkly and dark brown color and apply that with a eyeshadow blending brush into my crease and blend that out up into my brown bone.
10.                        Once I finish my shadow, I start on eyeliner. So I just use my liquid eyeliner and go slowly and carefully across my lid because I swear to you guys, I am world’s worst 99% of the time at liquid eyeliner, it takes about 50 tries to get that line right!
11.                        Anyways, lol, once I finish that I curl my lashes and just apply 2-3 coats of mascara, I only apply this much because I have thin eyelashes and they are blonde so I have to get a lot of coverage, you guys could probably use a lot less.
12.                        Now on to the last part and my favorite part, once I finish mascara I pick out my favorite lip color. For this look I am going to be using a bright red because well, it is a Christmas look. So I just apply my bright red lipstick to my lips and make sure the lines are crisp and precise because I am way OCD about my lipstick.
Now the look is complete! This is a great look for Christmas parties, a night out for the holidays, or just winter overall! Hope you guys enjoyed reading and try out this routine yourself! More Christmas posts coming VERY soon! Also if you would like to purchase the items I used I will put links down below!
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
Kyliner Eyeliner and Gel Liner in Black
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo
Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe Holiday 2016 (I used the Eggnog Latte palette for this look)
Born This Way Concealer
Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
NYX Liquid Suede Reds Set

Creep My Life

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