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Christmas Party Makeup Look!

Christmas Party Makeup Look! 
Sorry I didn't take pictures guys. But here is what type of makeup I like to do for a Christmas party/get together!

  1. The first thing I do is apply my normal liquid foundation and then just set that in with my powder foundation. 
  2. Next I go in with a bronzer, usually shadow bronzer, and use a flat brush and just go in under my cheekbones with that, on the sides of my nose, and on the very edge of my forehead hairline. 
  3. After that I do a super light coat of some light pink blush just to add a little color to my face. 
  4. Once I finish that, I go in with a brow powder and do my brows I just add the shadow along with my brows and blend that in good because well, I have blonde brows. 
  5. After that is done, I go in with my highlighter HEAVY, on my nose, cheekbones, and a little on the top of my lip line just one little spot. 
  6. Once that's done, I start on eyes, I go in with a gold sparkly looking shadow first and I apply that in the corners of my eyes and then on my brow bone. 
  7. After  that, I go in with a medium matte plain brown, and put that all over my lid and up to my brow bone, just don't cover up that highlight. Then I go in with a sparkly brown in my crease and blend that all out. 
  8. Once I'm done with that I wanna do a holiday look, so I grab some eye glitter/eye shadow glitter and a flat brush and just apply that SLOWLY all over my lid, you do not wanna rush this or you will be covered in glitter. After I'm finished and have it covered pretty neatly, I grab some just regular tape and go under my eye to pick up any glitter that might have fallen. 
  9. Then, I apply my liquid liner like I normally would and wing it out and try to get it as even as I can. 
  10. After that I just curl my lashes and do a bunch of coats of mascara because I have blonde lashes so I have to use tons. 
  11. Once I finish with that I put on a bright red lipstick and just make sure those lines are all precise and neat. 
Now your look is complete! You can do your hair however you want but I always curl mine whenever it comes to looks like this and events like this. I hope you guys enjoyed reading! 

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