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Cozying up for winter!
In honor of it FINALLY being December, I am going to post how I cozy up and get ready for winter and winter weather. I am super excited about December because my birthday is this month and not only that but of course CHRISTMAS! Who doesn’t love Christmas, am I right? So here is how I cozy up for winter and the cold weather.
·       Bring out all of the jackets, scarves, long sleeves, etc that I put away. Of course I am going to need them!
·       Put on some holiday music! While I get ready and decorate for winter I LOVE to listen to some holiday music. There are tons of playlists all over Spotify you guys!
·       Organize the closet and put away all summer clothes. Pretty sure we won’t be needing those for a little while!
·       Decorating, of course, the tree! Because who doesn’t loooove to do that?! It’s probably my favorite thing about the holidays.
·       I also like to decorate with throw pillows, little novelties, wreaths, LIGHTS like I’m literally so obsessed with lights you guys…, and all else you can think of that has to do with Christmas because I love to go all out!
·       Then, I’ll usually clean up around the house and light a ton of holiday scented candles or melt some wax melts that are holiday scented.
·       After that I just love to lay back and watch Christmas movies, drink hot chocolate or just coffee, and put on some comfortable Christmas jammies!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Also, hope you guys are as excited for the holidays as I am! 

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