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Day in the Life of a Blogger!

Day in the Life of a Blogger
So, I want to take you guys through and tell you guys what I do during my day as a blogger and about how long I spend on my computer how long I spend on posts and other things about blogging that I do during my day. Keep reading for more info…

So, a day in my life, I spend most of my hours on my laptop, the majority of that time is writing more content and getting it scheduled and ready to come out. Usually I start my day by getting on my laptop, checking my stats, writing a new post, posting a new post. Then I get up and I usually don’t even eat until I’ve felt like I’ve done something productive for you guys’ lol. So I’ll eat and do a little house cleaning. Then I go straight back to the computer, I check stats, check posts, view/edit my posts. Then, once I finish with that I will usually grab my planner and write down what I need to post the next day, sometimes I’ll go ahead and plan a few days in advance but most I will not because I tend to change my mind on what I will post that day! I try my best to write as many posts ahead of time as I can so I can do more than just one post in a day for you all because I know how annoying it is to wait like a week before a blog or channel shows another post/video. Anyways, then after I’ve written at least 2 or more posts I will get off for a little while, head to town to walk around/shop, hit the gym, take a shower, then I come home and I check on you guys again. You’re probably thinking I obsess and there’s no reason to check on my blog that many times, but as an OCD person I obsess over things that I love and you guys and this blog is the main thing. I will be in the gym trying to hurry up because I’m ready to work on here again lol! Blogging does take a LOT of time and energy, I used to sleep until like 10-11 A.M. but now I get up around 5 or 6 because I want/need to blog. It’s not like it’s a bad thing though, if you love something and want something enough you will work hard for it/to keep it. Anyways, usually I do not log off until around 10-11 P.M. but it can go later than that sometimes! But I’ve always been a night owl anyways so what does it matter lol. Don’t think in anyway this is complaining about my blog because like I said in my previous post you guys, blogging is my hobby and I absolutely love to do it which is why I work so hard at it. Everyone has their own routines, some work longer than others some work less, some post more and some post less. This is just my own routine and what I do! As always, thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post! 

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