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Everyday Makeup Routine!

Everyday Makeup Routine!

1.    The first thing I do when I get ready is I wash my hands. I know you’re probably asking why? Hands have and keep dirt and germs all over them, touching all over your face before washing them causes bad breakouts!
2.    I apply a primer/moisturizer.
3.    After that, I get my cover girl foundation in covergirl trueblend liquid and I just put 2 sometimes 3 pumps of that on the top of my hand and then I dot that on my forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, under my nose, and eyes. After that I grab my foundation brush and just apply that all over and make sure it’s blended well.
4.    Next I use the FITME powder foundation by Maybelline and apply all over to set in the liquid foundation.
5.    Then after that step, I apply bronzer to the same sites you would contour. Then I just use a lash/brow brush and shape out my brows.
6.    The next thing I do is grab a regular eyeshadow brush, and then blending shadow brush. I use the Blushed Nudes palete which I got from Walmart.  I use the gray and champagne looking color and apply that all over my lids and up to my brow bone, then I get my blending brush and use the darkest color in the palete right under the color I just used and I apply that in the crease of my eyes and blend it all out up to my brow bone. But make sure you blend it very good or else you will look like you have a black eye!
7.    After that I just curl my lashes, and I use the lash stiletto mascara on my lashes in the shade dark brown because to me it looks natural.
8.    Last and final step, I pick out my favorite color lipstick that goes with my outfit, apply that and then I’m ready to go!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading! J

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