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Favorite Places to Travel

Favorite Places to Travel. 
Here is a list of all of my ultimate favorite cities/states to go and what I love to do when I go. Hope you guys enjoy reading!

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana. Why do I love to travel here? The city, the people, the history, and of course ghost tours! I haven't exactly been on one yet but I plan on it. Not only those things but the food in New Orleans is incredible and they have the best seafood on the planet honestly. 
  2. Destin, Florida. Why? The water is this gorgeous clear/baby blue. You can literally see everywhere that your walking in the ocean. This is probably why I won't swim in anything but that beach water now! This city has the absolute best waters and views I have seen SO FAR. 
  3. Atlanta, GA. Not only do I love the big city, but I absolutely have loved, since I was a child, going to Six Flags Over Georgia. Plus, yes, I am one of those people that absolutely love rides that would usually scare someone else half to death. 
  4. Marietta, Louisiana. Not sure if I spelled the name right. Absolutely love going here because it's not far from New Orleans but also, one of the malls! They call it a shopping center, but it's really a mall full of everything I love. From Victoria's Secret, to Bath and Body Works, to Sephora! I absolutely love this place! 
  5. Gulfport and Biloxi, MS. Why? This place is super close to home. Not only that but they have great places to eat, a great beach, and also a pretty big mall!
If I think of anymore I will update this list guys but so far that's all I can think of mainly because I haven't been very many places! If you guys have any requests for posts please feel free to email me anytime! It should be located somewhere on my blog. Thank you guys as always for reading!

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