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Favorite YouTuber's List!

My Favorite YouTubers and Why They Are!
1.    Kalyn Nicholson. This girl has been my number 1 favorite all time YouTuber for years now. She posts the greatest videos and not only that but we have tons of the same tastes. We look a little alike too in my opinion, lol! You should definitely look up her channel because she has some GREAT videos!
2.    Hayley Paige. She has great videos on blogging tips and YouTube tips. Plus she’s about to have her baby and she does a lot of cute little vlogs where she’s setting up the baby’s nursery, baby hauls, etc. I’m not a Mom I just find it cute. Plus she has great tips on blogging like I said. Check her channel out!
3.    Chloe Boucher. Her makeup tutorials are incredible. She also has the most gorgeous hair and eyes so it makes her videos stand out even more! My all-time fav makeup tutorials / hair tutorials are hers!
4.    SL Missglam. She has great makeup recommendations plus her collections are incredible and her beauty room / office is TOTALLY GOALS.
5.    LaVitaDiMeg. Starting watching her channel because of her cleaning routine, which is my fav. She does great vlogs also!
6.    Erica Lee. She has great cleaning routines / cleaning videos. Her house is super cute and she is very pretty!
7.    Dulce Candy. I started watching her when she posted her spring cleaning bathroom video and ever since then, I’ve just loved her vids. She has great makeup tutorials and everything over-all I just love her videos.
8.    Niki and Gabi. They are twin sisters that post routines, holiday videos, hauls, vlogs on their own separate channels, and random videos also. I’ve been watching them for a few years now and they are great!
9.    Mia Stammer. She has great vlogs/random videos just to watch for fun. I’ve been watching her for years.

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