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Gain Self-esteem!

How to Gain Self-esteem
We all lose our confidence/self-esteem sometimes. It happens! Here are some tips though to pick you back up again and get you feeling confident again!
1.    Look in the mirror and remind yourself YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Do not ever let anyone tell you any different. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways. Anyone who says otherwise, is simply just jealous because they don’t look like you!
2.    Dress up! Put on your favorite outfit, a little makeup, style your hair, and go out! If you don’t want to go out just take a bunch of selfies! That’s what I do and I feel much better when I’m dressed up and look my best!
3.    Go to the gym! If you’re anything like me, especially with anxiety, you’ll constantly feel as if you’re body isn’t perfect enough, it isn’t skinny enough, it isn’t something enough! We girls constantly have this going through our head picking out the smallest flaws in us, you know why? We look at ourselves in the mirror every day! We don’t see the same things other people do in us, because we are so used to seeing ourselves. So how do you fix this problem you ask? THE GYM. Not only will you see a huge change in yourself and your body, your confidence will burst through the roof. You will feel MUCH better when you leave and feel like you accomplished something for YOURSELF. That’s what we need when we feel down.
4.    Talk with someone who lifts you up! If you have a family member, friend, boyfriend, or whoever it is, if they lift you up and make you feel better about yourself talk to them! Tell them how your feeling. Usually hearing how someone else sees you in a positive way, will almost always lift you back up!
5.    Write down why you’re feeling this way! Write down every reason your feeling unconfident, then look back at your answers and find out ways to fix the problems.
6.    Have a pamper night! Pamper nights are always my favorite to making me feel relaxed, clean, and pretty! If you don’t know what a pamper night is I will be writing my routine soon to let you guys know. You can also look up videos on YouTube for routines/products you can use.
7.    Do what you love to do! Whether that is a sport, art, writing, the gym, whatever it is DO IT! It will not only take your mind off of it but you’ll also feel accomplished to see how talented you are at it!
8.    Listen to confidence playlists or mood booster playlists on Spotify or Pandora. Good music always puts anyone in a better mood. So pick your favorite playlist, turn it up, and jam out!

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