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Get Fit With Me + Meal Prep!

Get Fit with Me + Meal Prep/How to Prep your Meals!
Sooo, you guys… It’s getting close to 2017. We all know there are going to be tons of people using fitness as a New Year’s resolution. So why not go ahead and start now? In this post, I’m going to talk with you about how I stay motivated/fit, and also how to prep your meals! Hope you enjoy.
Okay, so the number 1 way I stay fit is I remind myself why I’m doing it obviously! It helps so much it’s unreal I promise. Say you have a goal set for yourself, or a main reason why you want to get fit. Keep that in mind! Don’t forget that thought. It will keep you motivated through it all!
Two would be to eat as healthy as you can! I know it seems terrible, no one honestly likes vegetables that much or anything but eating healthy is the key to it all. The better you eat, the faster and better the results come. So eat those vegetables! There are lots of ways you could make it taste better also and tons of recipes on Pinterest and other apps/sites, but I highly recommend Pinterest.
Three, find your motivation. It can be music, pictures, even a friend. Personally, I choose all 3! Music always puts me in an upbeat mood where I just want to get up and run! Pictures of motivational quotes and sayings always motivate me which I find all over Weheartit, I highly recommend downloading and searching the terms, “Fitness” or “Fitspo” or just “Fitness Motivation”. Seeing other people working out or being healthy also motivates you to be healthy! Another thing I recommend is a family member, friend, or boyfriend/girlfriend to motivate you! My boyfriend is actually the one who talked me into going because I kept complaining about how unhealthy I felt. He motivates me every day to get up and go because he knows how bad I want to reach my goals!
Do not let anyone ever tell you, you cannot do it! I promise you, anyone can! I have grown up with severe asthma, and a lung that barely works from so much scar tissue from when I was younger, BUT I STILL GOT UP AND WENT. I kick butt every single day at the gym, and yes sometimes my lung and my asthma try to bother me, so I sit down for a few minutes and let myself catch my breath. Then I get right back up and start at it again! People always said I couldn’t ever do it because my asthma and lung would hold me back, or would hurt me and say you’re always going to be fat because you can’t work out and breathe at the same time. I PROVED THEM WRONG. So can you! Get up and go, don’t ever let anything or anyone hold you back.
Meal Prep.
Okay, most of you probably already know what meal prepping is and how to do it, but the ones of you who don’t I’m going to tell you what I do and how I do it. You can use any recipe you would like this is just one that I recently used.
1.    Okay, so the first thing you want to do is grab some veggies, I like to use red, yellow, and green bell pepper, mushrooms, and you can add whatever else you like. So I grab those and cut those up and throw them in the skillet also sometimes I add chicken to this recipe but it’s whatever you like. Once those are in the skillet I cook them just until they are finished completely then take them off the heat.
2.    Next, I get some rice and you can use brown or white or whichever I’ve heard brown is healthier so I use it. I just boil that until that is done, and obviously not crunchy!
3.    Once I’m finished with those steps I put a meal size portion into a bowl for that night, and then the rest I like to put in my plastic containers with lids (Tupperware pretty much), and close that up and stick it in the fridge and usually have enough to last me through the whole week! Sunday’s are when I usually make more.
You always want to make sure you add enough ingredients to make enough to last you through the whole week!
Also another thing you could make, get some small Tupperware containers, throw some fruit in there, and it’s like a small fruit salad for on the go! I usually like grapes with pineapple, or just any kind of fruit really is good to me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, be sure to keep coming back to my blog for more!

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