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Get Organized with Me!

Get Organized with Me/How to get and STAY Organized!
We all know, sometimes it’s a little hard to stay or even get organized. Here are some tips and tricks from an OCD person where organizing is part of my everyday life!
1.    Get a planner and plan everything out! Whether it be you need to go to a Doctor’s appointment, or you need to clean the house, write it down in a planner. Then whenever you get up every day, look in your planner, do what’s planned, and cross it out when finished!
2.    Make a to-do list. I know this sounds pretty obvious and probably is a lame tip, but it’s very helpful I promise! If it’s all written down on a to-do list, you are much more likely to do it! Then after it’s done mark it off, and you’ll be sure to not miss doing anything during the day either!
3.    Use your phone. No matter what phone you have, I’m pretty sure it has a calendar on it. Put down everything you need to do each day on your calendar and then once you finish, delete the event!
4.    For your house… A LOT of us sometimes need help on our house and organizing. My number one tip is to pick a perfect day to just spend most of that day working on your house. Sunday would usually be a normal deep cleaning/organizing day for me, plus it’s my laundry day.
5.    Go through EVERYTHING! Start in ONE corner and work your way around the room. Don’t go around every room at one time because that will mess you up and make a huge mess. For every corner, make a pile of keep, donate, or trash. Once you finish sorting everything throw away the trash and bag up the donation items. Once you’ve finished with that, go through all of your things and sort them out from category. Say you’re doing your closet sort it from tank top, to t-shirts, to pants, etc. If you’re doing pantry then sort with cereals together, snacks together, etc. Really just put everything together that goes together!
6.    Once you’ve finished that, just clean up your mess, do your normal cleaning routine (I will be posting mine very soon!), and then Walla! You have a perfectly clean and organized home again. TRUST ME, it is an amazing feeling too!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and the rest of my posts also! Thank you guys for viewing and for being awesome! J

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