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How to BEAT Procrastination!

Ways/Tips to Beat Procrastination!
Here are some tips and tricks to beat procrastination so you’ll get up and get things done.  Hope you guys enjoy reading!
1.     Write down a list of what you need to do. Usually having a list helps you to see what you have to get done and so you’ll usually actually get it all done.
2.     Remind yourself no matter how small or big the thing is you have to do, it has to be done. Every little detail is important.
3.     Go ahead and get it over with so you don’t have to do it later. The quicker you get it over and done with, the faster it is you don’t have to worry about doing it anymore.
4.     Find a way to motivate yourself. What I like to do is look at motivational quotes on Tumblr or WeHeartIt. It helps get me up and going. You could even play a motivational playlist on Spotify or even watch a motivational YouTube video. All are full of motivational things to help get you up and moving.
5.     Watch your favorite YouTuber to motivate you! Most of us have favorite YouTubers, and usually most of those people are very highly successful and also have made it to the top. Watching them, hauls, and everything they have and they have accomplished, it will usually motivate you to get up and do something, or at least it does me.
6.     Journal it. If you’re feeling unmotivated, which we all get sometimes, write it down! Write down why you’re so unmotivated, why you’re not wanting to do anything, or whatever else is going on. Make a list or just write it down in a paragraph, maybe even pages long, just write it all down. Getting it off your chest will make you feel much better.
7.     If it’s work or blogging or filming your feeling unmotivated about, go to the gym, usually doing something that makes you feel better and gets stress off will usually help refresh you and also make you feel better.
8.     Take a day off. I know you’re thinking, “Wait if I’m trying to beat procrastination why would I take a day off?” Well, taking a day off from everything to just sit back and relax will usually help you get up and going the next day. On your day off, plan a pamper day, watch your favorite movies, spend the day with a friend, whatever you like to do on days off do it that day! Sometimes we just need one day just to ourselves to get up and going again the next day!
9.     Read success quotes. There are tons of people out there that make great motivational success quotes on Tumblr and people usually repost them on WeHeartIt also. They just help get you up and going.
10.                         Read blog posts/popular blogs. Usually reading other blogs will get you motivated because they have such great posts, it will give you ideas for your own or even YouTube. Once you get ideas, you will usually want to write them down or start using them and get creative.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and I hope it helped motivate you to get up and going. Don’t let procrastination get you down. Get motivated and get up and going. Remind yourself that you’ve got this!

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