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How to Become a Morning Person!

How to be a Morning Person
Sooo, NONE of us usually like to get up in the morning and probably hit that snooze button about 100 times or if you’re like the old me you’ll just turn the thing off completely and sleep an hour past it! Here are some tips to help you become a morning person.
1.    Set not one, but about 10 alarms. I know, you’re probably thinking there is no way on earth you’re doing that, but it helps so much! You’ll hit snooze on one but if you have that many going off at different times say like 5 minutes apart, you’ll get up.
2.    Find something to look forward to waking up too! Mine is coffee you guys, yes I said it… I wake up every morning looking forward to smelling & drinking my precious caffeinated wake me up make me feel better drink! But if you don’t like coffee I understand that completely, some people don’t. But find something to look forward to, whether it be a favorite breakfast, YouTube, music, seeing that favorite person or texting them, or even just waking up to your dog or cat lying beside you! It will make you want to wake right up!
3.    Don’t rush yourself into getting up earlier. If you originally wake up now around say 11 or 12, start setting your alarms an hour or 30 minutes away from that. Each morning, keep adding either an hour or 30 minutes earlier to when you need to wake up and it’s not shocking your body and making you tired all day from randomly waking up one day early because you’re making your brain used to getting up earlier and earlier every day! Once you’re at your time that you needed, just stop and wake up each time at the right time!
4.    Go to bed earlier! I know this sounds typical but it helps. No you do not have to go to bed at 7 or 8 o’clock of course. Nobody really does that anymore especially at our ages! Just make a goal to be asleep by 10 or 11 at the latest each night. Get as many hours as you can to add up to 8 or 9.
5.    Turn OFF the TV, put away the phone, keep the laptop away from your bed, yes I know this is hard, but it’s been known that if your on your phone right before you fall asleep at night, it’s going to keep you up!
6.    Keep your phone or alarm AWAY from your bed. If you keep it away from your bed it will force you to get up in the morning to turn off your alarm. Which means you can’t turn it off and go right back to sleep because you will already be awake!

That is all I can think of for this post so I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope these tips help you to become a better morning person! 

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