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I've been in a rut...

I’ve been in a rut…

So you guys, I know I have not posted in 5 or 6 days and your probably like thinking I gave up on blogging or something… But I’m still here! Promise, I would never give up on my viewers, I have just been super exhausted and my motivation has been like at 0%. But I’m back now and my motivation is okay I guess… But I realized, hey look I’ve gotta get up and get stuff done and STOP slacking. Mainly, I started thinking about how much I missed writing and how much better it’s felt to see you guys viewing my posts and my blog lately, so I’m finally up and going! Don’t even worry it’s not just my blog I’ve lost motivation on, it was also the gym and everything else in life, I just lost all motivation and had a lazy past 5 or 6 days. Realizing, that was wrong and probably my vacation for a while, I  will not do it again for a loooong time hopefully. Anyways, if you get to feeling like this, just honestly give yourself 3 or 4 days just not 5 or 6 like me… But give yourself that time to truly think, relax, and just breathe for a minute. Then just make sure you wake yourself up as soon as possible and be like look, I have GOT to get this stuff DONE! Anyways, now that I’ve explained to you guys what happened I am about to get hard at work on some new posts to put up for you guys. Probably posting a lot this afternoon and tomorrow too! Missed you guys, and hope you enjoy my new posts. Stay checking my blog for new posts. I will try my hardest to post daily, I’m still working on setting up a schedule for blogging. I will most likely post Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. This weekend will be off though because I’m severely needing to catch up. Also, once my blog has gotten going for a while and has enough content and I start seeing success in it, I do plan to start a YouTube channel if I can work up the nerve. I just have to save up to get a great camera and the equipment, even though you don’t always need it, it’s something I would like to have to make sure I have quality things for you guys! Thanks for viewing my posts and my blog, you all honestly do not know how much it means to me that you read my content! You are what keeps me motivated. 

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