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moving out on your own!

Moving out on your own.

I know moving out on your own can sound scary, even terrifying to some. It was to me, especially telling my parents I was terrified they wouldn’t want to see me anymore or something after I moved out! Truth is it isn’t that bad! Whether it’s completely on your own or a boyfriend or even a roommate/best friend, the truth is it’s not that bad! I moved out on my own with my boyfriend 7 months ago, it was the best decision of my life! My parents still keep in contact with me quite a lot actually! I still see my entire family and friends also. Plus, waking up to the one you love every single day is the best feeling! You will annoy each other sometimes though I will not lie you guys’ lol! But it’s the best feeling in the entire world. Plus you have your own place and own place to clean the way you want and decorate it the way you would like! The only thing you have to make sure of is you have a good steady income and can pay all of your bills so you don’t end up having to move back in with Mom and Dad after moving out! But you should know it’s not as scary as you think. The scary part is telling them you’re leaving though, because you know it’s going to be emotional! But it all ends up great in the end I promise!

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