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My Everyday Morning Routine!

My Everyday Morning Routine! J
If you guys are curious what I do every morning, just keep reading. Night routine coming soon also!
1.    The first thing I love to do when I first wake up is grab my phone. It helps wake me up it seems like plus I like to check my social media, see what I missed while I was sleeping, and what everyone’s up to for the day and probably just watch a little YouTube.
2.    After I’ve laid there probably way too long, I get up head to the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth. My favorite face wash by the way is Clean and Clear morning burst! It just smells amazing to me, am I the only one you guys?
3.    Once I’m finished doing that I head into my kitchen and, of course, start my coffee which is my favorite part of every morning. While I wait on that to brew I will usually head over to my couch, cut on my laptop and let it start turning on/loading up everything.
4.    After my coffee is ready, I will grab that and I will also usually get a quick breakfast, usually I love cream cheese or peanut butter toast or a bagel and a piece of fruit. Just something quick and easy but good.
5.    Once I’ve got my food and coffee all set up I will eat that and usually watch some TV or some YouTube.
6.    After I finish eating, I will head to the bathroom and throw on my face and some cute but comfortable clothes.
7.    Then, I head back over to the living room to the couch, grab me a blanket, my headphones, turn on my Spotify and then I write posts for you guys.
8.    After I’ve finished posting and everything I will do whatever else I have planned for the day, which town or I might just lay back down honestly.
So that is my morning routine you guys and I hope you enjoyed, keep checking back for my night routine coming up very soon! Thank you guys as always for reading! J

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