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My Workout Routine!

My Workout Routine!
If you guys are out of ideas of what to do at the gym or whatever and you just don’t know what to do here is my routine and what I like to do. Hope you guys enjoy!
·        Monday – Mondays I usually don’t do very much because the gym is usually packed and my body is still half awake from the weekend. So usually on a Monday night I will hit the treadmill and walk at an incline of 8-10 for about 30 or 45 minutes at a speed of 2.5. Once I’m done with that I will usually do a few squats and just head out. Like I said guys, I’m lazy on Mondays.
·        Tuesday – Tuesday I like to run and walk for about an hour. I will usually run about 3 minutes switch to walking at an incline of 5 or 6 and then switch back to running about 3 minutes and just keep it at that pattern for a while. Once I finish that after an hour I get off and I’ll get on the elliptical about 10 minutes at a high speed. After that I will do about 30 or 40 squats and do a few lunges.
·        Wednesday – Wednesday I will walk at an incline of 10 for about 30 minutes. Once I finish that I will do the leg press at 130 lbs and I will do that about 10 or 15 minutes until my legs can’t handle anymore. After that I get off and I do 30 or 45 squats and then do about 30 lunges 25 each leg. Once I finish those, I usually just do some leg curls until I’m tired.
·        Thursday – Thursdays I walk and run like I do on Tuesday’s and then do the same leg routine as Wednesday just a lot less lunges because I’m usually a little sore. Once I finish with that I will lie down and do about 40 crunches and do 10 or 15 burpees which I absolutely hate… Then I will do a 30 second plank. If I have the energy left I will usually do a few sit ups until I can’t do anymore.
·        Friday – Friday’s I usually just run for a while on the treadmill, about 30 minutes to an hour. Then sometimes I will get on the stair climber about 30 more minutes or until I am give completely out and then once I finish with that I do squats and I just head out.
So that is all for my workout routine and I hope you guys enjoyed reading, I am not a professional at any of this I just have been going to the gym like most people and have been going for about a year now. I love going because it’s the greatest stress reliever. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed reading and if you guys are wondering about Saturday and Sunday it’s because me and my boyfriend take the weekend to just rest up because we are usually completely exhausted from the week. Plus we believe we need to have those two days for our muscles to rest up so we don’t overdo it all! Hope you guys enjoyed this post as always keep checking back for more!

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