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New Year's Eve Makeup!

New Year's Eve Makeup Routine! 

For New Year's Eve, we usually go to parties, go out, or just watch fireworks at least to bring in the New Year, here is my makeup routine for New Year's Eve and what look I plan to do tomorrow! 

  1. First off, I wash my hands because I don't want any dirt or grime getting on my skin. 
  2. After that I like to grab my foundation and just put 2-3 pumps on the base of my hand. Then, I dot that all over my face. After that I blend it all in with my foundation brush, I like to go in circles because it doesn't look as streaky. 
  3. Once I finish liquid foundation I go in with my concealer and dot that on any freckles or anything I don't want showing. Also, I put some under my eyes to cover up those dark circles, I'm such a night owl. 
  4. After that I just grab a buffing brush and go in with my powder foundation all over my face. 
  5. Once  I finish with that I just use a brow powder on my brows and just shape those the best I can the way I would like, I think everyone likes to do their brows different. 
  6. After my brows are looking great, I like to contour. I just use a fan brush and my shadow bronzer and just go in under my cheek bones, both sides of the top of my forehead in my hairline a little and then small lines on my nose. 
  7. After bronzer, one of my ultimate favorite parts, HIGHLIGHT. For New Year's Eve we all like to sparkle of course, so I go in with my champagne highlighter, and put some on the base of my nose, on my cheek bone on each side, a little on the top of my lip line. Just make sure you shine! 
  8. Once I finish with that I throw on a very small amount of blush, not much because we want to focus on a bright look, not pink.
  9. Finally, I start on eyes. Now with this look I'm going to start by going all over my lid with a light brown color and blend that up to my brow bone. Then I go in with a darker brown and just start with that in my crease and blend that up into my brow bone. After that is the fun part! I'm going to go in with a glitter shadow, now you can get these almost anywhere. Some people prefer glitter glue and just straight up glitter, I just used this because it was all I had right at the moment. I'm not going to apply this like normal shadow! Do not smear it guys it will be a MESS. What you want to do is stamp it on there, go in the design you want. I went from my crease line and sort of done what I would have with my eyeliner and winged it out so my eyeliner could be right under it. Leave enough room for your eyeliner also because if not it will be messy when you try to apply your liner! Don't apply a ton of glitter when you get to the flare part because then it will not look as good. 
  10. After you've completed that and it looks good, you can go ahead and do your eyeliner. Remember stay right under that glitter line, if not it will be a mess. Flare that out and make the line as nice and neat and precise as you can! 
  11. After that you can go in with false lashes if you would like but I don't like wearing those much so I just curl my lashes and put 3-4 coats of mascara. 
  12. Once my eyes are complete and GORGEOUS and are as sparkly and glittery as can be, I go on to lipstick. With this look I'm just going to do a bright red lip. So I use my lip liner and just line my lips precisely and then go in with just a bright red lipstick. I do a few coats until I feel as if it's covered where I would like it to be for this look. After that's finished, the look is complete! 
Now you're ready for New Year's Eve and look gorgeous! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and use this routine for your own New Year's Eve look if you would like! Thanks for reading as always. 

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