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Night Routine!

Nighttime/Bedtime Routine!
So here is the post that I said I would post very soon in my morning routine! Hope you guys enjoy. J
1.    The first thing I like to do before I go to bed is take off my makeup and usually take a hot shower because I probably just got back from the gym and I’m all sweaty and gross.
2.    After I get out of the shower I will usually moisturize all over and then if I’m in the mood I will paint my nails, it just depends on how I honestly feel.
3.    Once I finish with that I will go put on some comfy pajamas, fuzzies are my favs, anyone else?
4.    Once I’m all comfortable I will crawl into the bed and usually bring my laptop/phone or both.
5.    Then I will lay there for about 30 minutes to an hour on social media, watching YouTube, or just playing Pet Rescue because I’ll be honest I still love that game.
6.    Once I’m tired of being on there I will turn on the TV and watch some of my favorite shows or maybe even a movie.
7.    Then finally once I’ve gotten tired, I will turn off the TV and turn over and pass out!

So that was it for my nighttime/bedtime routine and I hope you guys enjoyed reading! Thanks for reading. J

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