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Pamper Routine!

Pamper Routine!
Some people just need time to relax. If you’re looking for it, this is the post for you! Here is my routine and what I like to do on my pamper night.
1.    Get some comfortable clothes/pajamas, and all the products I will use ready. I lay them all out on the counter/around the tub.
2.    Run a hot bubble bath. I usually like to use bath and body works bubble baths because they smell incredible and always leave me smelling absolutely amazing!
3.    While my bath is running I will usually go ahead and brush my teeth, then I wash my face apply a face mask for while I’m sitting in the tub.
4.    Also, I light candles all around the tub. Usually yes those candles are of course bath and body works! Of course they smell absolutely incredible, they are bath and body works. You can also get creative with your bath and get a bath bomb (my favorite are from lush but I recently heard bath and body works have some new holiday scents I’m going to try out!), get some flower petals to float around in the water, etc. There are tons of things you could do.
5.    Put on some music! There are some pretty cool playlists all over Spotify you can look up. Get you a Bluetooth speaker or any small speaker, sit it on the counter and jam out! Or you could just listen from your phone too of course.
6.    Sit in the tub and relax! I lay there for about 30 minutes and just relax. You could also bring a book in the tub and read it or magazine. There’s also your phone but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a life proof case or something to protect it in case you accidentally drop it in the water or get it wet.
7.    After I’ve relaxed for about 20-30 minutes. I usually then sit up and exfoliate my skin, I just use a pumice stone and a little body wash, my favorite for this is Olay. I just wet the pumice stone and put body wash on my legs and just go in circles with the stone on the skin on my legs.
8.    Once I’m finished with that I usually like to shave because of course it’s a great feeling to have smooth legs!
9.    After I’m finished with shaving I will usually turn on the shower and wash my hair like I normally would.
10.                       Once, I finish my hair I step out of the tub and dry off. I ALWAYS apply some sort of moisturizer to my body because exfoliating can dry your skin out terribly! Plus it’s a good idea after you shave too.
11.                       After that I like to wash off my face mask, and then apply a moisturizer to my face. It helps add more moisture to your face which is always great!
12.                       Then once I’m finished, I usually blow out my candles grab my things and go back to the bedroom. Then I will turn on my favorite TV show, and start painting my nails.
13.                       After I finish my nails and they dry, I usually just kick back with a good book, my phone/laptop, or watch some TV and just relax.

That is the end of my pamper night routine! I hope you enjoyed reading and that you take my advice and have a pamper night yourself to just relax and make yourself feel pretty. Thanks for reading! J

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