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Plan a Pamper Day!

How to Plan a Pamper Day!
If you guys severely need a little while to yourself to just relax and have a pamper day or night whichever is best for you, here is how you can. Hope you guys enjoy reading and I hope you all use these tips to have yourself a great pamper day!
1.     Pick a good time. Usually I would pick a time when people are asleep so they don’t knock on the door or call your phone to bother you while you’re trying to relax.
2.     Once you have your time picked out to start, grab all of the supplies you want to use in your pamper day. Usually I use bubble bath or a bubble bar they have these at lush, a bath bomb from lush, if my bath bomb doesn’t have them in it already then I like to add some flower petals or something to just make my water pretty because that’s just more relaxing to me.
3.     The other supplies I use are beauty, so I usually don’t do anything to my hair in the tub I will usually wash it before I run my water or afterwards. I will grab my razor and shaving cream, some moisturizing body wash and I absolutely love dove, a face mask to leave on while I soak, and to exfoliate I use a pumice stone as a DIY trick I found on Pinterest a while ago, some heavy moisturizer because exfoliating does dry your skin out and so does shaving sometimes, a face moisturizer, and of course toothpaste and your toothbrush. You guys do not have to use all of this stuff these are just the things I use, you can use whatever you like to use.
4.     Find a relaxing playlist. Usually Spotify has bubble bath playlists, you could also probably find relaxing playlists, the stress free playlist, vibes and beats, also you could try to look up pamper day or night playlists people create all kinds of playlists on Spotify.
5.     Grab a big fluffy towel. Those are the absolute best to dry off with after a long hot bath. Also some really soft pajamas.
6.     Once I’m finished with my pamper routine I actually like to do my nails, not sure if you guys would like to do this but I love to. So once I get out and my cuticles are softened and my nails are softened also I love to cut and paint my nails.
7.     A thing I love to do after a day or night of pampering is to just grab some coffee or tea, grab a magazine or my laptop or even watch some TV and just relax for a while. Usually after a pamper day/night I love to take a nap or just go to bed early because I’m super relaxed or ready for bed.

You guys can have pamper days or nights before big parties that night or next day, date nights or a date the next day, or just to relax! I love to have them to just relax and make me feel relaxed and very pretty again. Pampering always makes me feel so refreshed and great again. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and I hope you guys use these tips to have your own relaxing day or night of pampering! 

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