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Reasons I started and love blogging!

Reasons Why I Started a Blog + Why I Love Blogging.

I just want to talk to you guys about why I started blogging and also why I just love blogging. The main reason I started my blog was because I just always have loved writing about things in the lifestyle section, I’ve always typed things in word/google docs or wrote things in my journal that could’ve been killer for my blogging. Anyways, I came across a post not too long ago about how to become a blogger, I didn’t even know what it was at first honest. Once I started reading it I realized, hey that’s something that I would love to do. Once I got started doing it and writing my content I realized how much I absolutely loved writing the content, how my ideas sort of overflowed on a blank page. It’s also very good for me because I am OCD and blogging takes a lot of planning and actually a lot of work if you put good effort into it like I do. I’ve always been one for planning, and writing, and organizing, and since I started my blog I’ve gotten to do all of my favorite things! It’s my greatest stress reliever, every time I feel sad or mad or even happy, I can just start making a post for you guys and soon all those thoughts are gone because I’m focusing so much on my posts and what I want to write! Those are not the only reasons though. Writing is a hobby of mine, it’s something I love to do. Not only that, but I get to write things for you guys! I get to give you tips and be there for you whenever you need advice. I get to give you beauty advice, or fashion, or relationship, life, even cleaning! The fact that I can be there for you means the world to me. The fact too that you guys read and view these posts and my page, honestly I don’t know how to thank you enough. You are all my motivation and my strength. You show me that I’m making progress in my posts and in my page, that I’m doing a good job doing what I love! I cannot express how thankful and grateful I am to all of my readers that just read all of these posts and taking the time out of your day to read them! It means the absolute world to me! I can look on my stats and just to see that you guys viewed my posts it makes me just smile randomly and out of nowhere. That is how happy you guys and this blog makes me! I thank each and every one of you guys for taking the time to read this post and every post I make. I thank you for helping me on my journey to becoming an even better blogger, and for motivating me. If you ever have any requests for posts or post topics please let me know. Comment on my posts and let me know, you can just say, “Hey, could you post this or that.” I will get right on it if you do. You guys are everything to me and I thank you so much AGAIN for the thousandth time, for the support and for being here. Thank you for allowing me to do my favorite thing and then giving me more support and motivation along the road. 

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