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Tips to Deal With Anxiety & Depression!

Tips and DIY’s for Anxiety & Depression!
If your anything like me and have terrible anxiety and get depressed extremely easy, this is the right post for you! We all know too that having both together is a nightmare… Lying awake all night long with our thoughts drowning us. Our anxiety causing us to over think every small thing and leading us into depression and then just constantly being down. No, not everyone understands our pain either. They don’t understand it or how terrible it is on us. They will never understand it the ways we do. I know your pain and that is why I’m here for you! Keep reading my tips to help with this, they should help you because I know they help me when I’m down.
1.     Tip number one is to get a journal/diary! Writing down how your feeling when you can’t speak it all out loud has been known to help a LOT! It helps you to relieve a lot that’s on your chest whenever you can’t talk to anyone because maybe they are asleep or busy, well it’s always there. Just jot it all down and you’ll feel much better.
2.     Number two would be to find a favorite hobby! It doesn’t matter if it’s working out like me and going to the gym, painting or arts and crafts, a sport, writing, even TV! It all helps take your mind off of it all I promise. Every time it tries to bother me, I hit the gym or go for a run and come out feeling SO much better.
3.     Number three, MUSIC. I cannot express how much music has helped me through so many attacks from anxiety and depression. It is ALWAYS there and always takes me to a different world. Maybe sometimes, I might slip off into some depressing playlists on Spotify and let it hit me for a minute… But then a good song will play and then I always end up jamming out in my bedroom in the end. It takes your mind off of everything completely.
4.     Number four, clean! I know this doesn’t sound very fun at all, but trust me it helps. When you’re mad, upset, or anything get up and get cleaning it will take your mind off of it and give you something to do!
5.     Five, play a game or read a book! What better way to distract yourself honestly? They both take all of your attention away from whatever is bothering you. Plus, let’s be honest they are relaxing lol!
6.     Then there’s six, sometimes… you’ve just got to let it all out. When it hits you just put on some sad music, and just cry it all out. I know, that does not sound like a good tip at all but trust me it’s better to let it out than hold it in. You will feel better when it’s all out of your system, promise. Plus these tips help 95% of the time but sometimes nothing can help but just going ahead and letting it all out...

If you guys ever need someone to talk to, or are ever upset, or just too overwhelmed with life, my social media accounts are linked to my blog. Just add me, message me, and let me know you came from my blog and just needed a friend! I will gladly be there for you because I know how it feels. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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