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What's in my Gym Bag!

What’s in my Gym Bag!
So if you guys were wondering, here is what I like to keep in my gym back. Probably reasons why too.
·       Shampoo, Face wash, and body wash. For those days when I just want to go ahead and shower while I’m already there.
·       Dry shampoo. For the days I don’t feel like showering before I leave.
·       Deodorant. Becauuuuse, do I have to explain this one? Lol we all need it after the gym.
·       Body spray. To smell a little less sweaty and gross.
·       Portable charger/headphones. Can’t work out without music/a phone.
·       Tanning oil / goggles. My gym has tanning also so I usually bring those just in case I decide to get in the tanning bed.
·       Towel. For after tanning or after a shower.
·       Ponytail holders. Because if one breaks there is no possible way I can deal with my hair in my way while I’m trying to work out.
·       Extra workout clothes, just in case.
·       Extra socks because I hate keeping sweaty gross socks on my feet!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading! J

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