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2017 Goals!

2017 Goals!

I know this post is way late you guys, but I wanted to post my 2017 goals and what I hope and plan to do and get done this year! Hope you guys enjoy reading.

·        Become a better blogger.
·        Get my blog noticed.
·        Write more.
·        Become a better writer.
·        Travel more.
·        Start working harder at the gym!
·        Become more and more successful with my blog.
·        Work even harder.
·        Watch tons of new movies.
·        Try to stay less stressed than 2016.
·        Erase all drama and start fresh this year.
·        Meet more bloggers!
·        Start guest posting!
·        Get even more organized.
·        Plan out more. Something I sucked at in 2016!
·        Go out more. 2016 I stayed home too much!
·        Get new blogging equipment. (planner, notebook, journal, finally a camera hopefully, and laptop)
·        Lose more weight.
·        Get our dream apartment.
·        Hopefully get a jeep! (my dream vehicle)
·        Post more on social media, besides just twitter.
·        Maybe start YouTubing, I’m not so sure yet.
·        Become more like my favorite bloggers, one is Hayley Paige!
·        Be more productive!
·        Drink more coffee… I need it.
·        Make some of my dreams come true hopefully!
·        Travel this summer! Last summer was a bummer and we didn’t get to go anywhere!

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