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First Apartment Checklist + Everything you'll Need!

Apartment Checklist!

If you’re about to get your first apartment, or maybe move into a new one, here is a list of everything you will need to have/get for your new place! P.S. I added a little extra to it for décor reasons because this is the list I will use myself, not everything on this list are things you will probably literally NEED, just most.
o   Living Room!
ü Sofa/Loveseat.
ü Accent Chair/Recliner.
ü Coffee Table.
ü End tables.
ü Curtains and Curtain Rods.
ü Rug.
ü Entertainment Center.
ü TV.
ü Paintings/Pictures to hang up.
ü Command Hooks to hang up things.
ü Candle(s).
ü Picture frames for pictures.
ü Throw Pillows and Blanket.
ü Wax warmer.
ü Vase and some flowers (fake or real). For side tables or coffee table.
ü Centerpiece for coffee table.
o   Kitchen!
ü Pot Holders
ü Hand Towels
ü Cooking Utensils
ü Pots and Pans
ü Coffee Maker
ü Can Opener
ü Utensils
ü Plates, Bowls, Saucers
ü Glasses
ü Coffee Cups
ü Sugar and Coffee jars/organizer.
ü Mixing bowl.
ü Mixer.
ü Cupcake and brownie pans
ü Pizza pans.
ü Strainer.
ü Trash Can.
ü Chopping Knives.
ü Toaster.
ü Blender.
ü Microwave.
ü Candle(s).
ü Picture frames and pictures. For counter.
ü Food of course.
o   Dining Room;
ü Dining Table and Chairs set
ü Placemats or Tablecloth
ü Candle
ü Pictures to hang up.
ü Centerpiece (vase and flowers or picture)
o   Entryway;
ü Welcome Mat.
ü Key/Jacket Holder.
ü Shoe shelf.
ü Picture(s) to hang up.
o   Bathroom;
ü Towels.
ü Hand Towels.
ü Pictures to hang.
ü Under sink Organizers.
ü Shower rack.
ü Bath Mat.
ü Hand soap.
ü Toilet Scrubber and Plunger and Cleaner.
ü Shower Cleaner.
ü Shower Curtain and Rod.
ü Air Freshener.
ü Candle(s).
ü Pictures for counter and décor.
ü Soap dispenser.
ü Soap dish.
o   Bedroom;
ü Mattress, Box Spring, Headboard, Rails.
ü Comforter, 2-3 sheets, Pillowcases.
ü Throw pillows and blanket.
ü Dresser.
ü Desk/vanity.
ü Pictures to hang.
ü TV stand (or use dresser).
ü Candles.
ü Picture frames and pictures.
ü Décor pieces for tables.
ü 2 side tables.
ü Curtains and Curtain Rod.
ü TV.
o   Closet;
ü Hangers
ü Organizers for Dresser.
o   Miscellaneous;
ü Flashlight.
ü Batteries.
ü Lightbulbs.
ü Tools.
o   Cleaning;
ü Vacuum.
ü Broom.
ü Dustpan.
ü Duster.
ü Mop/Swiffer.
ü Fabuloso (I use it to clean counters, etc.)
ü Toilet Cleaner
ü Windex
ü Shower Cleaner
ü Fabric Spray
ü Disinfecting Spray
ü Dishwashing liquid
ü Dishwasher tabs.
ü Laundry Detergent
ü Fabric Sheets
ü Sponges
ü Bottle Brush
ü Cleaning Rags.
ü Air Freshener

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