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Big things are happening....


They say great things take time and I guess that's the truth. We have great things finally happening. Our whole future is coming together and I have great posts coming up soon too! I'm not saying much until we actually have the plan taking place and everything's settled down but I'm so excited to share this experience with you guys in about two or three weeks. What you guys should know is everything is coming into place and 2017 is going to be an incredible year full of great and huge changes! We have waited on things to take place for a year now and finally they are since 2017 got here. 2016 might've been a tough year for almost everyone but I have such good vibes for 2017. It's already starting off to be such a good year and it's only still the first month. February is going to be full of great new things and posts. Promise, I am going to keep you guys updated and show you guys new things that are happening in my life. There are big things taking place for us next month and I can't wait to share them! Hope you guys are having a great month and a great start to 2017, I know we are! Be prepared for some great posts, pictures, and new things we are getting ready for. Also, my lists and things I'm preparing with for next month I'm going to be posting also for you guys these next two or three weeks. I'm super excited for us and for you guys also and my blog! This is going to be the best year yet. Let's make the best of this year with good vibes and looking forward to great things coming. 

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