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DIY Valentines Day Glitter Mason Jar Decor + Easy to Make!

DIY Valentine Glitter Mason Jars!

So I found this super cute DIY on Pinterest and decided to post it for you guys, it’s super cute and easy to do!

What You’ll Need;
®  Ball Half-Pint Mason Jars
®  Foam Heart Stickers
®  White Acrylic Paint
®  Pink Acrylic Paint
®  Mod Podge
®  White Glitter
®  Pink Glitter
®  Start with a half-pint (8-oz) regular mouth mason jar, a foam heart, and painter’s tape.
®  Use the foam heart as a guide to cut out a heart shape from the painter’s tape.
®  Then place the heart on the Mason jar.
®  Paint the jar with white paint and remove the painter’s tape heart.
®  Once completely dry, use a paint brush to paint on Mod Podge. Don’t paint over the heart shape though!
®  Then just generously glitter!
®  Also, this is optional but you can add a ribbon and a bow around the top to finish it off!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you use this DIY for your own valentine mason jars! You can also add cute little tea light candles on the inside of the jar or even use these to hold pens/pencils or makeup brushes it is all up to you! Thanks for reading as always guys! 

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