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Fav Things about Winter!!!

Favorite Things About Winter:

·        Snow, when it does snow here where I live.
·        Cute outfits!
·        Darker lipstick colors look better!
·        Christmas and New Year’s!
·        My birthday!
·        Great YouTube videos come out!
·        Christmas movies!
·        More and more coffee!
·        Hot chocolate!
·        Christmas candles and scents!
·        Fuzzy socks and pajamas!
·        Winter makeup looks!
·        Traveling to snowy places!
·        Christmas Lights!
·        New foods usually come out at restaurants!
·        Cute nail designs!
·        Maroon colors look even better and come out more!
·        Bath and Body Works holiday and winter scents.
·        Cuddling up in blankets!
·        I sleep more!

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