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How Bloggers Stay Organized!

How Bloggers Stay Organized.

Are you a blogger and have no idea on earth how to stay or even get organized? Maybe your just wondering how all of us even stay organized from writing and editing so much. Here is exactly how and how you can too! 
  • Planners are our best friends. We literally use them for everything! Obviously to keep track of blog posts and social media postings! We also use them to plan out other things we have to do also the next day! They are definitely a life saver! 
  • Phones. Everyone uses their phone on a daily basis, of course. Setting reminders helps us, or me anyways, keep track of what I need to get done for the day! If I'm in town or something I can't check my planner to see what needs to be done? So I just set reminders so I'll remember! 
  • Writing ahead and scheduling posts. It helps tons blogging when you work ahead and schedule the post, if you get behind or need to take a few days off you'll be okay! Only because you've already gotten everything set, edited, and ready to be published! It makes it a tad bit easier blogging, trust me! 
  • Set a time to blog. Setting a time out of everyday to focus on your blog, makes sure that you don't spend too much time blogging so you can get up and live life and still be a blogger! Don't think you have to spend countless hours blogging, you can still get up and go out! Just make yourself a schedule for blogging. My schedule is usually 2 a.m. - 5 or 6 a.m. because usually that's when I have the greatest thoughts and because I usually don't have anything to do that time of night, well morning. 
  • Make a blogging journal! A blogging journal is a journal that is specifically for blogging obviously, but you can make sections and write ideas, etc. In my journal my sections are; to-do which is usually to write, and then ideas for post ideas etc, random is for random things I think of for blogging like pictures etc, and I have a few others. Soon I will post a picture of my journal and how I made it myself! 
  • Make a task list! Making a task list will help you realize what you need to do for the day, week, month, or even year! You just write down what you need to do and then when you finish it, just cross it off your list!
  • Use post it flags! These are my favorite things for everything, they are like my little organization assistants! I write down a post I need to write or post, for the day or even do weekly ones separated by each flag and color coded by days and just stick those either in my journal or on my computer is my favorite part, because it helps me see it everyday! You could also stick them on the wall if you would like, I just prefer my computer because I look at it and get on it every single day!  
So that is all of my tips for this post and I hope you guys enjoyed reading! Please use these tips for your own organizational needs to help you get things done! Blogging is something where organization is your best friend so I definitely recommend using these tips! Thank you guys for reading!

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