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How to make a Successful Blog!

Tips for Making your Blog Successful.

Now no, my blog is not the most popular blog out there yet of course, but it is on its way to being an even greater blog! With hard work and dedication your blog can eventually be successful, it just takes hard work and some patience.
1.    Make your blog. Now if you guys don’t know how to do that or set one up yet, I have a post below on tips. The platform that I use is Blogger because well, if you read that post you will definitely see why I use them. Make your blog though, and make sure everything is set up successfully first.
2.    Now that you’ve gotten that set up and everything, start writing content. Not short content but good, quality content that other people would like to read and something you yourself would go read on a blog. Keep writing as much as you can and make a schedule for yourself and schedule all of those posts to come out on your scheduled days. You don’t have to write ahead of course but it just makes it so much easier on yourself.
3.    Sharing on social media, etc. If you share your posts and site on social media, and google plus, you’re more likely to get your blog noticed. The more it gets noticed, the more of an audience you will have. Try using hashtags too to get people to find your post. Make sure you link your blog in your bios to each of your accounts also so they can find it!
4.    Building backlinks. You can look up lists everywhere, key in “blog submission sites free” on google and a lot will come up. You submit your site to those sites and they either approve you or not. If they approve your site then you get listed and there are more links to your site out there so more people can find you.
5.    Tell people about your blog. Tell friends, family, neighbors, etc. Those people are the ones that will more than likely go look at your blog more frequently because they know you.
6.    Keep posting as much as you possibly can until you have your audience built to where you would like it. My schedule is every day, Monday through Friday. Of course I take weekends off because it’s weekends but besides that every day of the week, I post. It helps to keep people coming back, because they know when you’re going to post, so they will be expecting a post that day!
7.    Make sure your title to your posts is good. If your title is too long on your post, no one is going to search it. When you search something in google, do you actually put a whole sentence, or just a few words? Try to make it as short as possible, so it’s easiest to get too.
8.    Double check your posts. Make sure your content has enough quality in them, enough wording, and that all of your grammar is great. If it’s not, most likely people won’t read it.

That’s all I can think of for this post you guys. As always thanks for reading and check back M-F for new posts. 

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