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How to Properly Pack a Suitcase

How to Properly Pack a Suitcase!

In case you all need help on how to properly pack your suitcase, because I know sometimes were in a hurry to get somewhere, here are my tips and what I like to do to get it organized, and make sure everything is in place.
·        Make a packing list (I will be posting mine very soon!) so you can make sure you have everything listed you need to bring, and cross it off as you pack.
·        Set out your suitcase and bags. Clean it out really well, no one wants to bring dirt along with them!
·        Okay now on to the packing part! The first thing I like to do is grab some tops and bottoms. Now one thing you want to be sure of, is that you do NOT over pack. You’ll have trouble keeping up with it all.
·        Lay it all out. Lay out your tops and bottoms all over your bed. Place outfits together and try to find items that can go together so you can wear them more than once and not have to bring too much! Shorts, and tank tops or t-shirts usually work best, for winter just plain long sleeves and jeans or leggings.
·        Grab your undershirts, and under garments, make sure you bring enough!
·        Pick out your shoes. Don’t bring more than 2 extra besides the ones your wearing that day your traveling because they take up tons of space! Lay those out also on the bed or beside the bed to pack.
·        Get your hair tools you know you will use, hairspray, etc. Lay it all out on the bed. Nail polishes, removers, etc. Also, lay out your toiletries you will bring and also make sure to bring bobby pins, ponytail holders, etc you will want them, I promise! Bring your essentials for makeup too, just not everything in your collection because usually us girls have a lot! Lay it all out on your bed also!
·        Once you’ve got everything laid out on your bed and ready to pack, get also your carry-on bag ready, which can be a duffle bag or even a small backpack.
·        Now that you’re ready to pack roll all of your clothes neatly, yes I said roll, it saves tons of space!
·        Place your clothes into your suitcase. First place your undergarments (underwear, socks, bras, etc.), you can put them in there by themselves or just bring a garment bag which I like to use so no one sees my garments.
·        After that place your shirts in all together in one corner neatly. Then place your pants/shorts either beside those or on top if you would like to save room. After that place your undershirts beside those.
·        For dresses and rompers place those in a corner by themselves so you’ll know what’s what.
·        Place pajamas on the top of other clothes! Usually when you get to your hotel it will be night and you will be tired, place them there so you can just grab them when you get to your hotel!
·        Place all nail polishes in shoes, so that way if they bust or break especially on a plane it is possible, they won’t get all over your clothes! Place shoes on top of your clothes with the bottom of the shoe facing up so dirt doesn’t get on your clean clothes!
·        Place your hair tools in between your clothes so it can separate them and also so it can help keep them from breaking easily!
·        Place all toiletries in the net/pouch provided on the top of the case in the inside. This will sometimes help keep them from getting all over your clothes, plus it’s all in one spot for when you’re ready for a shower!
·        Put all makeup you’re bringing in a small makeup bag/pouch if it will fit.
·        This isn’t for a suitcase but this is for carry-on just in case you need help with it too. Place your laptops, cameras, phone(s), headphones, a magazine or book, a snack and some water or drink in your carry-on, also a portable charger if you have one and your regular charger! You will need these I promise. Also, if your bringing perfumes, bring them in this too so they cannot break easily. Plus, this gives your important items like electronics less of a chance to get lost or stolen while traveling.
So I hope you guys enjoyed this post and use these packing tips! As always thanks for reading and safe travels! Also I will have my packing list coming up soon, and also my travel essentials. Check back for more soon! Thanks guys.

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