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Lazy Day Routine!

Lazy Day Routine!

If you guys were wondering what I like to do on lazy days when I just do not feel like getting up and out of bed, here is my routine. Hope you guys enjoy reading!

So the first thing I do is of course wake up which I 95% of the time hate doing… I’ll usually grab my phone and just get on social media for a while and maybe watch some YouTube videos. After that I just get up out of the bed finally and just start my coffee brewing because coffee is my life, don’t know how I would even make it through a day without it honestly lol. Anyways, while that’s brewing I will usually grab me some breakfast, I’ve had some stomach trouble for a few months now in the mornings so lately I’ll just grab some toast because I’m not very hungry. Once I’m finished with all of that I will just sit down and drink my coffee and eat and just watch some George Lopez most likely. Once I finish eating I will just crawl back into bed and bring my laptop and phone with me and just turn on the TV and watch a good movie for a while, today was Meet the Parents! After the movie goes off I will usually grab my laptop and just work on a couple of posts and get those ready to publish for the week and schedule those. Once I finish that, I will usually play some games on my computer, get on social media which I don’t like to do much of on my laptop I would rather use my phone, watch some YouTube for about an hour or so, check on my blog etc. After I get tired of being on my laptop I will grab my phone because it’s much lighter, and just probably spend a while on Twitter and Pinterest! I absolutely love Pinterest and could spend hours on there. Anyway, after I finally get tired of playing on my phone I sometimes get up and just write in my journal, I have a bullet journal so I have tons of different topics to write about, like dream journal, sleep log, how I’m feeling, goals, to do, etc. So once I finish writing in there or just getting tired of writing I will usually take a nap or something because I’m probably not even awake yet all the way. Anyways, so that is my lazy day routine, sorry if it was super boring you guys but anyways thanks for reading as always you guys!

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