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My Biggest Dreams

My Biggest Dreams!

·        For my blog to become very popular.
·        Turn blogging into a career.
·        Go to New York, San Francisco, etc.
·        Visit Hawaii.
·        Get a nice house.
·        GET A JEEP.
·        Have a HUGE wedding, with a huge dress.
·        Travel to more places I have never seen.
·        Meet some of my famous idols.
·        Have 2 kids to spoil.
·        Have a huge closet and beauty room full of cute outfits and makeup.
·        Start a YouTube.
·        Turn You Tubing into a career as well as continue blogging.
·        Have fun with life.
·        Live life before I can’t and I’m super old.
·        Get my nice house a pool, I’ve always wanted one.
·        Make real and true friends, not fake.
·        Huge makeup collection full of great stuff.
·        own ALL apple products, the iMac, MacBook, iPhone 7, newest iPad, etc.

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