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Organize your Blog + Tips on How to Stay Organized

How to Organize Your Blog! 

Some people's blogs will sometimes just give me and everyone else a headache from not being able to find things! Whether it be a search bar, social media links to follow them, sharing, or even posts, here are my tips to help you organize your blog better so you don't become one of those blogs! 
  1. Search bar. Some people don't really want to go through your whole entire blog and read every single post just to find one. Throw in a search bar somewhere on your blog! Mine is located at the bottom of my blog in case you were wondering. It helps your readers to find the posts they are looking for easier! 
  2. Contact. My blog has this on the bottom also and I also have a button at the very top of my blog that lets you subscribe to my email, by the way, if you haven't yet please do so! I plan on starting to email out updates whenever I post new content so be sure to subscribe! If your readers want to contact you, how will they without the form? They can't! That's going to lead them to go somewhere they can reach out to the author! Make double sure you have a contact form on your blog so readers can contact you. 
  3. Add an about you to your sidebar. People would like to know who is writing the posts they love to read! Make sure you have one on yours so people can know about you and know who's work they are reading!
  4. Add an archive for old posts or a popular blog posts list to your sidebar! Doing this is going to make it so much easier for people to get to your posts and find what they are looking for or are here to read! 
So I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and please check back for more!

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