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Packing Checklist!

Packing Checklist!

If you’re moving houses, apartments, etc. here is a checklist of things to get to help you pack and get your things ready to move.
o   What You’ll Need;
ü Boxes/Crates.
ü Packing Tape, if you use cardboard boxes.
ü Pillowcases/Newspaper/Bags, for breakables.
ü Labelers or just permanent marker, to help you know what’s what.
ü Bags, Backpacks, Suitcases, Duffle Bags, they will help you get more things.
o   Packing;

ü Start by getting all breakables. Wrap them in either pillowcases, newspapers, or bags. This will keep them from breaking during the move. After those are wrapped, lay them to the side, you don’t need to pack them until after some other things.
ü Take out all of your folded clothes. Lie them on your bed neatly so they’ll stay organized. After they are all out and on your bed, grab your suitcase and lay them neatly in there and try to fit as many as possible. Once you run out of room, just add the rest into a box or crate.
ü Get all hanging clothes out and lie them on the bed. The easiest and best way to pack these up and move them to me, is to just grab a big trash bag, and leave them all on the hangers and just put them inside of the bag. Yes, still standing. That way when you’re at your new place, all you have to do is take them out and hang them up. Now just sit those in the car or whatever vehicle your moving your things in and they are ready to move.
ü Get all shoes out. Lie them all out on the floor. Get another trash bag and just sit them in there. I know that sounds messy and irritating to unpack, but trust me it’s better than dirty shoes being all over your other things. I made that mistake one time and got dirt all over my décor.
ü Get all perfume, lotions, makeup, and hair accessories. Place them all in a duffle bag or a backpack. Try to keep this bag on top of all of the other things so none of them get broke. Also, if you’re worried they will get broken, place them either in some socks, or wrap them up like the other breakable items. I know you’re pain, I’m the same way, and I worry too much about them.
ü Get all movies and books. Place them at the bottom of the crate/box neatly. Keep them organized and neat and they’ll be easy to unpack at the new place!
ü Get all breakable items now, and place them on top of the crate/box with the movies and books.
ü Get all electronics, laptops, computers, tablets, cameras, etc. place those in a backpack, duffle bag, or extra suitcase. Make sure you keep up with where they are so they don’t get placed on the bottom or broken!
ü Get all toiletries (shower items). Place them in a plastic bag, and then into a purse or bag, that way if they bust or explode in that bag then they still won’t get all inside of your purse or bag.
ü Place all hair tools in a backpack or old purse, usually they won’t get broken as easily in there.
ü Get all décor and place it inside a crate/box. If it’s breakable don’t forget to put it in a pillowcase, newspaper, or wrapped in plastic bag.
ü Get all sheets, pillow cases, comforters, blankets. Fold them all up as neatly and as small as you possibly can. If you do not have the bag that it came in then just place them into a crate or big box.
ü Put pillows into a trash bag. They are usually bigger and you probably won’t have crate/box room so stick them inside that, plus now they won’t get wet or dirty if they get dropped.

If I missed anything, please feel free to contact me, email is located on the bottom of my blog, and I will gladly add it and update. Thank you guys so much for reading! 

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