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Spring Clean Your Life!

How to Spring Clean Your Life!

You guys probably are tired of feeling unorganized, sad, mad, tired, depressed, or whatever else it is that’s bothering you, here is a post to help you guys clean up all of that mess going on in your life and make you feel brand new again!
1.     Erase all negativity! Don’t let the negative people or thoughts get you down. If the thoughts bring you down, find a solution to them, and throw the issues away!
2.     Get rid of all the people that don’t bring you up! If a person cannot bring you up when your down, help you when you’re sad, or just be a good friend and is always bringing you down with their problems, drop them! Block the number, tell them you can’t be friends anymore because of this reason whatever it is, drop them. Now I know this sounds super harsh, especially if you’ve been friends for a while, but this person is no good for you! You need friends that bring you up, not down, that motivate you to do better and that talk you into doing good for yourself, not that get mad when you need advice! Get rid of that negativity from your life!
3.     Clean up your playlists. You’re probably thinking why? Because we ALL always listen to music all the time! If you have depressing sad music on a playlist and it plays, it’s GOING TO BRING YOU DOWN! Delete it, fix it, remake your entire playlist if you have to, just do NOT keep it, because it is going to bring you completely down and then you’ll be right back to being depressed again!
4.     Organize your house, room, car, etc. If it is all organized you will feel more organized! If you feel more organized it’s known that you will feel much better. Plus, isn’t it less stressful when you’re looking for something and can find it RIGHT AWAY? That is the number one reason I LOVE staying organized.
5.     Don’t read depressing quotes/articles. Delete them all from your phone! Usually they bring up old memories or just sad things that happened in your life, you don’t need that. Knowing it’s hard to avoid them because people are always sharing them and everything, just reading one word can usually tell what it is, if your feed is full of them, just put in a search term and look at other things. You could probably look at even funny things to cheer you up!
6.     Think positive no matter what the situation is that tries to come up! It doesn’t matter what the situation is, just try your hardest to think positive. Now I do know that sounds hard and sort of insane, but it’s possible. I try to think positive 99% of the time and trust me it helps! I don’t mean you have to think about weird happy things like rainbows and butterflies when a situation comes up. Just try to think the positive in it. If you can’t then just remember, it can’t last forever. Whatever the problem is, it will be all over with sooner or later, and you will forget completely about it!
7.     Journal or blog. Having a journal or writing on a blog always helps me when I have a problem. I just write it out and feel ten times better when it is all off of my chest after I finish. It’s sort of like talking to someone about all of your problems. Try it! I promise it helps a little at least.
8.     Organize your phone, laptop, blog, etc. Organizing these also helps reduce stress on yourself because you know what is what and where everything is! Plus it just looks ten times better.
9.     Set some goals. Whether those goals be going to the gym, drawing/painting more, starting a blog, a sport, etc., if you set them you will work on them and focus more on them. It gets you out of your old mindset and gives you a fresh head start on something new to do or try out!
10.                        Talk to people that uplift you! It can be family, friends, S.O., or even a teacher! Whoever helps motivate you in life and school or wherever will usually help no matter what when you’re feeling down and out.

As always thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post and try out these tips! I am not a professional of course, these are just tips I use myself that help me out a lot at cleaning out my life and everything. Check back for more posts daily on M-F. 

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