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One Day Spring Cleaning Routine + My Cleaning Routine

Spring Cleaning Routine!

I know you guys this post is like way too early and it’s still winter! I couldn’t help but go ahead and write and post this one though because I am super excited about spring and spring cleaning. It’s a great time to just open up the windows and let in some fresh air and sunshine and just clean every inch of your house! If you guys would like to know what my spring cleaning routine is, just keep reading!

1.     So first off, I usually like to start in the kitchen. I always start with dishes to get those out of the way so I’ll just wash those all and put those on the drying rack.
2.     After I’m done with all of the dishes, I will start putting things away where they belong. Throwing trash away, picking up loose items, and moving things out of the way so I can clean the counters.
3.     Once I’ve gotten everything picked up and put away I will start scrubbing the counters. For this I usually like to use a little Fabuloso and some Dawn dish washing liquid on a cleaning rag or sponge. I will also scrub my appliances as well. Usually I like to use Windex for the front of the microwave and the stove, for the fridge I will use the same as I used for the counters.
4.     After that I will grab a microwavable bowl, and fill that with water and some sliced lemon. I stick that in my microwave for about 4-5 minutes because it helps loosen all the stuck on food in there. Once it stops I just grab that same rag or sponge I used for the counter and just wipe it all down and it looks almost brand new again!
5.     Once the microwave is good and clean, I’m going to go in my oven with a cleaning sponge that has hot water and vinegar and just scrub my oven. Of course it takes some elbow grease to get all of that gunk up and out but it comes out eventually.
6.     After the oven is clean, I just go in and I clean my kitchen window with some Windex obviously and then clean that window sill too because it gets completely full of dust!
7.     Once that’s done, I will just go in my drawers and the nightmare of a junk drawer and just organize everything. Throw out what I don’t need or use anymore, put back neatly what I do and put similar items together so it’s organized a little better.
8.     After I organize the drawers I go into the cabinets and organize my pots and pans, plates, bowls, cups, etc. I just put all of them together that go together and just usually color coordinate them.
9.     Once I’m done organizing the kitchen, I just go in and sweep my floors and vacuum up the crumbs because dust pans don’t do the job in my opinion! Then I just grab my Swiffer and just mop the entire kitchen floor and make sure I get all stains and spots up as good as I possibly can. I also take out the trash and disinfect the trash can.
10.                        Then I go in with that same vinegar and water formula and just add dish washing liquid to that. Now I go in with that on a cleaning rag and just scrub down all of the cabinets and drawers.
11.                        After that is done I move on to the living room finally. I just go around the living room throwing away trash and putting away loose items.
12.                        Then, I put all of the pillows back in order on the couch and put all blankets back on the couch folded nice and neatly.
13.                        After I’m done doing that, I just go in with the Windex and spray down my mirrors, TV, and all windows. I just wipe those down and clean all of my glass surfaces.
14.                        Once that is finished, I go in with some disinfecting wipes usually Lysol or Clorox and just wipe down all of my tables, the entertainment center, etc.
15.                        Then, I grab my duster and just dust the ceiling fan, light fixtures, movies and books, shelves, knick-knacks, lamps, pictures, etc.
16.                        Once everything is dusted completely, I go in with my vacuum and I vacuum the floor, and also the couch and the recliner because crumbs and dirt stay all over them…
17.                        Once that is finished, I move on to the bedroom. The first thing I do is make the bed, this makes the room seem so much cleaner.
18.                        After the bed is made, I will throw away trash and put away loose items. Then I will spray all glass surfaces and windows and mirrors with Windex and wipe all of those down.
19.                        Once I finish with that, I wipe down all tables and shelves with a disinfecting wipe and then go in and make sure shelves, books, movies, and knick-knacks are good and dusted.
20.                        After that is finished I just vacuum the floor, and also around the baseboards of the room to get any dirt, dust, or anything that could’ve gotten caught down there.
21.                        Once that is finished, I organize all of my makeup and desk items on my desk/vanity and make sure they are all in place.
22.                        After that is finished, I head into the bathroom to start working on it. The first thing I do is pick up all towels and dirty clothes and throw those in the washer to start washing.
23.                        Then, I take the trash out of the bathroom. After that I take all of the items off of the bathroom counter and just scrub that down with some fabuloso and dish washing liquid.
24.                        Then, I spray down the mirror with Windex and wipe that down really good. After that I place all of the items back that I took off.
25.                        Then I spray down the shower with some shower cleaner and just go in and scrub the shower down until it is shining, I’m OCD about this.
26.                        Once the showers clean, I start on the toilet. I just put in the toilet cleaner usually Lysol and then just scrub the mess out of that the best that I can.
27.                        Then I just go put up all clean clothes and make sure those that I stuck in the washer are washing and everything.

That is the end of my spring cleaning routine! I hope you guys enjoyed reading and this post gives you motivation to clean. If you guys liked this post please be sure to share it with others so they can read it! Thanks for reading guys.

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