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The Ultimate Guide to Making Money as a Blogger!

How Bloggers Make Money.

No you guys, I do not make much at all blogging right now. It does take time, but I’ve been reading and wrote down some notes for you guys and your own blog to help you guys. Also, number 1 tip, don’t be in blogging just for the money. Blog because you love to write, not because you just want to make a buck. I’ve been blogging on my old blog for almost a year and I never made a dime and just now got started making literally pennies. Keep reading for more info.
1.     Getting traffic to your site. The number one thing you need is good traffic. Do not even try to get ads without traffic coming into your site because if you do not have enough traffic you either won’t get approved or won’t get any money what so ever. You have to be patient and build up your audience first. That’s the most important thing anyways, your readers! Make sure they are happy.
2.     Ads. Most ads are super annoying and get in the way of your blog, make it ugly, and then it bothers your audience. Make sure you don’t fall for that. Me, I stick to two main places, Adsense or which I’ve read is the best alternative to Adsense. Adsense is going to try to turn you down no matter what you do… I’ve gotten turned down for tons of reasons, it was that I didn’t have enough clicks (traffic), not enough content, blog wasn’t old enough, the list goes on and on. Finally I realized Adsense was something to just be patient on. So I found, I applied for them and waited about a day, my site was approved! Best part is it’s so easy to place the ads with them, you just get your codes copy and paste them and then put them into the layout of your blog. Also, you can customize and create your own ads with them. Just starting off I’ve only made a few pennies, literally. It all takes time though and it all adds up if you keep hard at work.
3.     Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you work for a company, and sell their products for them or help sell them for them. One that I personally love using is Amazon Affiliates. You get to sell a lot of great things. Now the commission is not great at all, but it adds up the more sales you make. Now I decided right this minute, affiliate marketing isn’t for me because I haven’t made a single sale. Eventually I do see myself picking back up on it though because I love doing it. You can place amazon ads onto your blog through the layout easily and into your posts easily. If your audience trusts you and you have a big audience, making sales shouldn’t be any trouble for you. I just haven’t built it up yet enough, like I said you guys’ patience.
4.     Sell your own products. Now this is not one I have tried out yet, but people say is a great idea. If you write a book or something, you could post it and promote it through your blog and then get of course money off of your own book. Plus another way to be creative and do something of your own.
So guys that’s all I can think of. There are tons of other tips and tricks out there to this, I just wanted to share with you the main things I know myself and everything. Hope you guys enjoyed reading, check back daily on M-F for more posts!

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