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Tips for starting a blog!

Tips for Starting a Blog!
If you just started a blog or want to start one soon, here are some tips and what I done to help you.
1.     Don’t say you’ll do it later on or set some other date and keep putting it off. If you do this, you will keep putting it off and never get it done or started. Go ahead and start it, you won’t regret it! Your time is limited, start while you still have the opportunity!
2.     Make a list. Make a list of blog post ideas to write about. Having a list makes it easier for you to come up with something to write and helps you stay organized. You can look on other blogs to get ideas or look at lists that are posted already and use those topics for posts. Every time you write or publish one of the posts, cross it off of the list. Once you’ve finished that list, make a new one!
3.     Pick out a blogging site that suites you best! If Blogger is easier to use for you use it, if WordPress is easier for you to use, use it! I have trouble with WordPress because I don’t have it set up with the .org thing and it’s too complicated for me to download on my laptop and everything, I get too confused. So, I’ve stuck to Blogger. The layouts usually all look the same as the other blogs though which sucks, but I love using Blogger because it’s so simple to use and to keep track of everything.
4.     Design. Design your blog the way you like, and also the way you think your audience would like. If you’re on Blogger you can add widgets to your blog easily on the layout. WordPress you’re going to have to download the widgets but either you want to use is up to you and fine.
5.     Start writing. The second everything is set up, start writing, start publishing, the quicker you get it set up, the quicker you start building up your blog and your audience. Also, AdSense for Blogger actually goes by how much content you have already posted on your blog. So if you’re planning on making an income with blogging, get to posting because it takes a minute for them to have you qualified. I’m still waiting to get approved!
6.     Find ways to build traffic. You’re writing tons, working hard, so of course you want someone to see all of that hard work! Finding ways to build traffic is simple. Look on other blogs for articles on tips also for traffic. My number one tip would definitely be to link your blog to all of your social media accounts, usually most of your followers are going to go check it out. Also another would be to build backlinks, you’re probably like me thinking what in the world is that? Backlinks are just more links for people to get to your blog. You can look up web directories lists and submit your site to them and wait for it to get approved, if it does your traffic goes up! Now more people can see your hard work.
7.     KEEP AT IT. Now I know us Bloggers, and YouTubers even fall off track sometimes, we’re tired and we feel like we need a break. We’re sitting at home on our computers typing or filming and editing, there’s no excuse you guys! If you don’t keep at it you are going to lose traffic, you’re going to lose your audience, and then when you come back to write they will all be gone, then what would be the point in all that hard work you’ve already done.
8.     Don’t rush it. Yes I know 99% of you would love to turn blogging into a career. I’m in the same boat. It takes time though. You can do affiliate marketing like I do with amazon, you can sign up for AdSense to get ads, but you are still going to have to be patient. To make sales, to get approved, to start getting clicks and sales, etc. It all takes time! Blogging isn’t one of those processes that takes time and you can just post every now and then and you’ll get tons of money. NO. You have to love Blogging and make it a hobby of yours. You have to keep at it. Work hard at it. It’s not something simple and you can’t just do it to make a buck. Then you’re not a true blogger, your just trying to make money! That’s wrong. That’s not putting the time and effort into your posts, into your content, it’s worrying more about the money than your audience. Now me, I’m worried about my audience and what THEY want to read, not making a buck. I’ve had my old blog going for months and switched over to this one. I’ve tried affiliate marketing, ads, AdSense, my old account couldn’t ever get approved for anything or wouldn’t work, and I still kept at it. Then I finally decided to just switch to a new account and start fresh. That account was a mess and I needed a fresh start for me and my audience. So I’ve been blogging for months and I still have not started earning, but honestly I couldn’t care less, when the time comes it’s going to come. I just have to keep working hard and working my way towards it just like I have to do to make sure you guys keep coming back. That’s what you should do for your blog also!

That’s all my tips for today, I hope you guys enjoyed and please remember everything I said. Please don’t be a blogger that’s just in it for the money, make it a hobby, a dream, a thing you love to do. Make sure you love doing it. Like a quote I was once told, “If you pick a hobby as a career, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” It means, if your hobby is your job, like painting as an artist, writing as a blogger, etc. you’re not going to feel like your working or like it’s a chore, because you’re doing what you LOVE TO DO! 

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