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Why I love Being a Blogger!

Why I Love Being a Blogger.

                                                      I.            Getting to stay home, but do what I love, BLOG!
     II.            Write about helpful things, that help other people in their times of need.
             III.            Being creative. Which is coming up with my own content, own posts, designing and setting up my blog the way I would like.
                                                                IV.            Learning more about blogging every day.
                                                                                       V.            Becoming better and better at it.
       VI.            Doing what I love. Blogging, writing, designing, and being on the internet of course!
VII.            Having an audience that reads my content. It motivates me to keep at it.
 VIII.            Being my OWN boss. I don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong because it is my own site, my own blog, and no person can tell me that I’m not doing it their way because it’s my own site that I create and design! Which is incredibly honestly great.
         IX.            Having more goals than most people. Most bloggers/you tubers almost always have goals set. To reach a certain amount of an audience, to build more and better content, to become successful and a very popular blogger. Most people don’t have many goals, we all do. Which is great because 99% of the time, we reach them!
      X.            HELPING OTHERS. If you’re like me and write about things on your blog that give others advice, help them in life through tough things or times, maybe with anxiety or depression, etc. you’re helping someone! Helping others is ALWAYS a great thing and huge thing we need on this Earth more than ever now! Keep at that, people greatly appreciate it. Plus, it’s a great feeling and will put a huge smile on your own face also knowing you did some good to help someone else out there.
 XI.            The organizing and planning. You’re probably wondering why I like those two things in blogging, those two things are an OCD person’s LIFE, usually. I enjoy planning and organizing because it gives me a sense of actually being productive and accomplishing things.
         XII.            Designing my own blog! Who doesn’t love designing their own things right? Well, that’s one of the other reasons I LOVE blogging. Design it the way you would like! Of course, think of how an audience would like your site too and make sure it’s a calming site and not way too colorful so it doesn’t give someone a headache but you know what I mean! That’s why I added a lot of light pink and white to my blog. As a pink lover, I didn’t want to make it too bright and bother my audience, so I just made it light pink. To make you guys, and myself, happy and calmed.
XIII.            Being able to call yourself a blogger. If you live in a small town, like me, most people don’t even know what blogging is or they don’t have the guts to start one. If you did, brag on yourself! Tell those people what you accomplished. They’ll think you’re pretty cool for it and very creative. Plus, who knows maybe more traffic when you do that trick.

So that’s all for this post and I hope you guys enjoyed reading. As always, check back for more posts every M-F. 

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