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Winter Morning Routine!

Winter Morning Routine!

Here is my winter morning routine well because I wanted to post it before winter is over! Even though it’s practically already over in my hometown because it’s like 70 degrees out.
1.    So the first thing I like to do when I wake up is turn on the heater if it's cold of course! Then I'll just grab my phone and just get on social media. Usually I like to see what posts I missed the night before. Also, I love to watch YouTube anytime of day so sometimes it happens in the mornings too!
2.    After I’ve finally gotten off my phone I will get up and start my coffee because I can’t make it without my coffee in the mornings, it’s just not possible! Coffee is my literal life and without it, I don't think I would have any energy what so ever through out the day so I always have to have it every single morning. Sure they say coffee isn't good for us but I mean do we listen? It's so good and helps us in so many ways! 
3.    Once that’s finished I’ll just grab my laptop, watch a few videos, and then I’ll check on my blog and just check stats, my posts, etc. and maybe write a little. Usually I also end up on social media or YouTube again because if I see it, and I always do it's in my bookmarks, then of course I'll end up on it! 
4.    After I’ve done that for about 2 or 3 hours, I know it takes me forever, then I’ll just get up and start cleaning up the house because it probably needs it! It takes me a while to get up and get done working because I literally stay thinking that I'm not done until someone tells me like hey, you need to get up. To be honest you guys, I could work all day long and not even care, that's how much I just love to blog. 
5.    Once the house is clean I will just sit down and watch T.V. for a little while and just be lazy. Who doesn't love it when you can finally relax? One of my favorite things I absolutely love to do is just lay back and relax and watch a good movie. 
6.    After I’ve gotten enough time being lazy I will get up and usually wash my face and put on my makeup and get dressed for the day finally. Some mornings I'll get a shower but I'm that type of person that likes to shower at night because I'm not much of a morning person so I never get up in time to shower so I just do all of that fun stuff at night, sooo much easier! 
7.    Then I’ll just head out to the gym or to town or just do whatever I have planned for the day! Even though 90% of the time, I'm going to sit at home and work some more! Almost all I do is work, but it's okay because I love it! 

So that is my full winter morning routine and what I love to do on my winter mornings, hope you guys enjoyed reading! Thank you guys so much for reading, you all rock! 

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