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DIY Valentine's Day Decor!

DIY Valentine’s Day Décor!

Cute DIY projects found online that I had to share with you guys! Hope you enjoy and hope you enjoy making.  
Diy Floral Hearts

Supplies for DIY Floral Hearts

·                     5-6 small bunches of artificial flowers (I bought mine at Dollar Tree for $1 each)
·                     Grapevine wreath form
·                     Wire cutters
·                     Hot glue gun
·         How to Make DIY Floral Hearts
1. Use a wire cutter to clip the flowers from their stems, leaving a good inch of the stem left.
2. Slot your flowers into the grapevine wreath form. I just stuck mine in without glue in case I want to easily swap them out and use the wreath for something else later on. However, if you want the flowers to stay more permanently, add a dab of hot glue to the stem before sticking it into the form.
3. Work your way around the wreath form. I used 3 different types of pink flowers for this wreath, and scattered them randomly around the wreath, making sure not to leave any gaps between flowers.
4.    Hang your pretty floral heart on the wall! I just used a small nail to hold mine.

DIY: Heart Shaped Valentine's Wreath with Coffee Filters
Supplies used:

Large piece of cardboard
utility knife
medium glass or plastic round container for dye-bath
screwdriver (preferably Phillips head)
longnose or needlenose pliers 
a package of 8-12 cup basket-style coffee filters (I had a package of 200 but still have plenty leftover)
small amount of red poster paint (or red water color)
medium or large craft brush
yarn or ribbon for hanging
strong tape
-       First, prepare your dye-bath:
Fill your container with cold water only about 1" deep.  Dip your brush in red paint and then rinse it in dye-bath water.  Divide your package of coffee filters in several batches (sorry I have no idea how many coffee filters I had in each batch).  Place the coffee filters one batch at a time into your dye-bath as shown below and remove immediately.  This gives you a beautiful ombre effect.
- Load wet brush with small amount of paint and slightly touch-up the edges of coffee filters (still in large batches).  Repeat the process with each batch.
- Place the batches of coffee filters on some old towel to dry for several ours or overnight.  

- With the utility knife cut a desired shape out of cardboard.  I ended up with two shapes.  One 13X16" heart "outline" shape (about 2.5" wide) and the smaller solid heart shape (the middle part of the whole).
- In any case, just choose you own shape and poke holes with the screwdriver all over the cardboard (you can draw your dots first with a pencil).  The holes should be about 1.5" apart.
- Next, is an important step and it will speed up your project significantly in the end.
With the tip of longnose or needlenose pliers widen each hole to about 1/4" in diameter (of course, you could skip making holes altogether and just hot glue your flowers to the cardboard but I did not want to mess with hot glue this time).   
- Separate dry coffee filters and make flowers (roses?) by pinching the middle and twisting as shown below:
- Thread each flower through the holes in the cardboard.
- Repeat until you fill most of the holes.
You can use the finished wreath as a decoration around the house or make a hanger with a piece of ribbon or yarn and hang it on your front door. 

Materials: scrapbook paper, adhesive chipboard alphabet letters, mini clothespins, a paper cutter and/or scissors, and twine. You can find all of these materials in your local craft store!
1. Using a paper cutter, cut scrapbook paper into 2.5 x 5 inch rectangles.
2. Cut a triangle out of the bottom of each paper rectangle using scissors. We made a stencil out of scrap paper to make sure each triangle cut was the same.
3. Remove the backing from the adhesive letters and attach to each paper flag.
4. Cut three long pieces of twine and attach each flag with a mini clothespin, leaving equal space between the flags and extra twine on each end for hanging.
Valentine Day Floral Bouquet Craft Project – Easy And Crafty

All you need is this ensemble of things:
• Small vase with a narrow neck
• A Styrofoam ball 
• A bouquet of artificial flowers –> you would need just the top part, the flower itself, from each stem
• Glue
• Decorative ribbon for a final touch bow
Step 1 –> Get your materials ready!
Step 2 –> Clip off the top of the flowers and start attaching them
rather closely to the Styrofoam ball
Step 3 –> Use A Vase During Crafting
For convenience, use your vase or any other prop-up device, like a cup, to hold your quickly-growing floral ball!
Step 4 –> You are almost done to Celebrate your beautiful achievement!
You may want to adjust and open some flowers for a fuller-looking effect.

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