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First Day of College | Tips and Tricks

First Day of College | Tips and Tricks

As I just recently stopped going to college, I remember how terrifying that first day was. Remembering how terrible my nerves were but also how excited I was, I wanted to share with you guys some tips and tricks to calm your nerves on that first day and also some other great tips I have for that first day. The first day of college is something you will remember for the rest of your life. That day is a memory that you will always remember and want to remember to look back on someday. Even if it goes bad, someday you can look back on that day and laugh! With my tips and tricks though it will, or should, go absolutely perfect! Enjoy reading.

1.     Go to Sleep Early! Now I know this can be extremely hard already 99% of the time and even more whenever your nervous and excited about your first day of anything! Going to sleep earlier though the night before will give you plenty of rest and energy for the important day ahead. Plus if you have early classes you definitely want a good night’s rest because we all know how the next day ends up if we don’t get enough sleep.

2.     Keep your Schedule where you can SEE IT! This is what I did my first day because one of my biggest fears was walking into the wrong classroom and I’m sure it’s a lot of other people’s too. Two of my favorite tips to do this are if you have a binder with a clear slip in the front, you can just stick your schedule in there if you tote your binder around and that way you can keep up with it when you’re trying to find your next class. The second tip is to take a picture of your schedule and set it as your lock screen on your phone, this way all you have to do is look at your phone to find the class numbers and buildings. Super simple and extremely smart!

3.     Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Of course, if you’re not a coffee fan, this one isn’t for you lol, but coffee is my lifesaver, you guys! Usually, too in college it’s fine to have drinks in your classroom, as long as you don’t spill them of course! Also, some campuses have coffee shops like mine where you can go and they usually have tons of options. My favorite will forever be a mocha frappe, sooooo good. If you don’t have a coffee shop on campus and don’t live on campus, just stop by Starbucks or some type of coffee place on the way!

4.     Try to Arrive Early. Usually, some classes can be packed out and people grab whatever seat they would like. Try to get there kind of early so you have time to find your class and where your comfortable sitting before people grab all of the seats up. One thing I always hated was getting stuck in the front and being uncomfortable all because I didn’t get there sooner on the first day.

5.     Don’t Worry about Friends Yet. If one of your main concerns is if you’re going to make friends, you’re going to have more to worry about on your first day! Don’t worry so much about that on your first day, you’re all probably super nervous about your first day and just trying to figure out everything and where you’ll be going. Also, don’t be worried about if you’ll make friends or not either because you totally will! There are tons of people there and you’ll definitely make tons of new friends or at least a few. Now me, I’m the quiet type so it took me a minute to open up and make a new friend but eventually I did and so can you.

6.     Organize all your Supplies. Organize all of your supplies the night before. Now usually you don’t need very many in college but go ahead and set up your binder, backpack, put all your pens and pencils and everything into a pouch, etc. This will make it ten times easier for you the next day so you don’t have to worry about where everything is and on top of that, nothing you’ll have to worry about doing the next morning besides getting up and dressed and ready! Plus, being organized makes everything easier, trust me.

7.     Study that Syllabus. This might sound lame and super boring, it did to me too, but it helped me tons. Highlight important things and make sure you keep this in the front of that classes section in your binder because usually, you will need this for the rest of the year as a reference whenever you need it again. Plus, some teachers like to put notes in the syllabus so you want to make sure it’s there and ready when you need it again.

8.     Eat a Big Breakfast. If you don’t have a bad stomach when you have bad nerves, I definitely recommend a big breakfast. Usually, I end up hungry sometimes after I’ve been super nervous and not only that but I never wanted to be in class with a loud growling stomach. Now I’m not saying you have to go full force and course with the whole menu on your plate, just something that’s enough to fill you up and last you until lunchtime or a little after. Usually, some people can have classes during lunch and get out right after, we all got out around 12:45, so always make sure to eat breakfast! Of course, sometimes they let you snack in class but not always so be sure and make sure you eat something that fills you up that morning!

9.     Get there early. Get there sort of early way before your first class so that way you have time to walk around campus and figure out where everything is. That or you could go the day before and just walk around and find everything and where you’ll need to go and what all your college has available to eat, check out those coffee shops if they have any, and figure out what buildings you need to go to, and also check out the library! It’s just a great way to get to know your campus and where you’ll be going for the rest of the semester!

10.  Make sure everything is taken care of ahead of time. From funding to books, laptops or tablets if you need one, etc. This is where I messed up, I waited until last minute on everything even funding and almost didn’t get to finish my semester because my financial aid wasn’t kicked in yet. Always, always, always be sure you do everything ahead of time and your college will tell you the same exact thing.

11.  Dress to Impress. It’s your first day, look your greatest! Dress up and make a good first impression on your classmates and professors. When I was in college, I dressed up almost every single day because I just felt so smart and successful going to college that I felt like I should just look my best. It was super fun.

Those are all my tips for the first day of college. Hope you guys enjoyed reading and using these tips and also hope you have an amazing first day and semester in college! Take it from me, college is one of the greatest experiences you’ll ever have. Honestly, I had so much more fun in college than I ever did High School. Hope you guys have a great semester/year and always remember to NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! 

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