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Get your Life Organized | Tips & DIY's

Get your Life Organized | Tips & DIY’s

We all sometimes need a little help on getting organized, it’s a part of life! Whether you’re busy with school, work, kids, or whatever else it is you probably need some help getting your life organized! Here are my tips and DIYs to doing so. Hope you guys enjoy reading.

1.       Delete all Negativity. It can be a friend, family member (even though that sounds harsh or painful), or boyfriend/girlfriend, if they are always bringing you down you need to delete it. Try talking to the person and telling them you’re tired of the way they always bring you down. If they want to be in your life or care for you, they will make a turnaround and treat you better.

2.       Start using a planner. A planner is a great little tool for anyone, it helps you keep track of literally everything you need to do and get done and there are actually super cute ones you can purchase.
3.       Organize your home. From drawers and closets and cabinets to everything in between, organize every inch you can get too. The more organized your home is the more organized you are and the better you will feel.
4.       Write down finances and budgets. Writing down all of your finances and your budget is going to help you so much every month with bills, what you need, and what you have left. It’s a great way to keep you and your money organized.

5.       Make to-do lists. You can do this separate or you can do this in a planner, either way, it’s going to help you out tons. If you have a list of things you need to do and get done, you can cross them off your list and then you’ll be able to know what you still need to do and what you accomplished for the day.
6.       Get a binder. Get a binder and make sections for grocery lists, bills/utilities, and a list of what you need to do for the week. Having a binder keeps it all in one place so you don’t have to worry about papers being everywhere either!

7.       Clean up your blog/channel. The more organized your blog or channel is, the easier it’s going to feel for you when you’re working.

8.       Clean your phone, tablet, and laptop/computer. More than likely, especially if you’re a blogger, you work on your devices and use those tons. You’ve probably got tons of pictures and documents you don’t need anymore. Just go through them all and get rid of them, that way you don’t have them in the way using up your storage anymore.

9.       Organize your workspace. If you have a desk you work at, organize it and clean it up. The more organized it is, the better it’s going to feel whenever you work in that clean and organized space.

10.    Make schedules. Usually having a schedule for what you need to do every day of the week will help you. This has completely helped me on working! On my schedule, I planned out every day of the week what topic I’m going to post about and it has helped me tons.

11.    Get into a routine. Making yourself a routine for the day is actually a great idea because you know what you need to do for the day and aren’t laying on the couch when you need to get things done. Make a time for everything into the day.

12.    Wake up earlier. Also, of course, go to sleep earlier. Not only will this help you be more organized and help you get more done, it’s also going to help your health out tons. It’s known that people who get more sleep at night have clearer skin and can even burn weight faster. Obviously also the whole you’ll have more energy thing.

13.    Set aside money for yourself. After you’ve paid everything you need to get paid and everything, set aside some money for yourself to go buy new clothes or save up and buy something like a new laptop or maybe even a new camera. It’s a great idea to reward yourself also for getting organized.

Those are all of my tips for getting your life organized you guys. Hope you enjoyed reading and use these tips for your own good. There is absolutely no better feeling than being super organized and not having to worry about every little thing. Less mess = less stress! Thanks for reading you guys. 

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