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My Blogging Process | What I do During Blogging

My Blogging Process | What I do During Blogging.

If you guys every wondered what a blogger does while they work, well here it is! This is my process and what I do while
working. Now, of course, everyone is different and do things differently but this is my process and what I like to do. This is my real and actual routine and also how long I actually do spend blogging. Blogging can be hard work but it can be so worth it in the end whenever it’s done and you see such great improvements in your blog and yourself. Hope you enjoy reading.

1.       Write Posts. The first thing I do, usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Sundays, is write posts. I usually like to write ahead because everyone loves to be ahead so you can have a little break from hard work so I almost always like to write ahead unless I get super busy and don’t have time so I have to just write daily which I don’t really like doing.

2.       Edit/Proofread. After I’ve written my posts whenever I go to publish one I always always always edit and proofread. No one really likes to read a post with extremely bad grammar and punctuation, or I don’t anyway. This is why I always make sure to edit and proofread my posts. Usually I go back and reread the whole post to make sure everything is in the right place and organized correctly and of course, the grammar and punctuation is correct. Now sometimes, I don’t worry about a few words because I’m trying to reach out to you guys, not an English teacher and no I don’t have any degree in English or anything so I’m not perfect. The one thing I love to make sure of though is that you guys can read and understand my posts. One of the tools I love to use to help me with this, Grammarly. You can install it into your chrome extensions and it automatically checks blog posts for you and helps you fix the issues before you even hit publish!

3.       Make / Edit photos. My absolute favorite tool for my photos, especially Pinterest photos, is Canva. I absolutely love it because there are so many cute fonts and backgrounds and elements and it’s just perfect all around. It can make gorgeous photos as long as you put in the effort to make it look good. Honestly, though this tool is so easy to use and the best part is, it’s free! You can make blog graphics, Pinterest photos, Instagram, Facebook, even posters! It’s the greatest honestly and I highly recommend it.

4.       Publish. The simplest step in the book. Hit that publish button finally after all that work, but I’m not done yet. Of course.
5.       Share. Share. Share some more. This is something I usually do for hours, making images for Pinterest, for Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. Pinning to all of my blogging boards, all of the blogging groups I’m in, posting on Facebook in my blogging groups I’m in, posting on Tumblr 2-3 times, Twitter about 3-4 because Twitter is constantly moving so I like to share more than once, and lastly sharing all of my posts on Google Plus. Then I end up lost on Pinterest after I share my posts for a minute because honestly, who doesn’t love Pinterest…

6.       Edit/Work on my Blog. By this I mean working on my design, finding ways to make it look even better, editing fonts, looks, pictures, links, about me, etc. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve and work on my blog because I love for my blog to look great because why work hard and it not look good? I have to have my blog looking great all the time. It’s a habit of an OCD person, just like my house.

7.       Reach out to other Bloggers. Facebook and Twitter are my best friends for this job. There are tons of bloggers on Facebook and Twitter groups and lists. Usually, I’ll make a post asking if I could guest post for someone, so far no luck but I’m determined one day I’ll find someone great to guest blog for just right now it hasn’t happened.

8.       Plan out Posts. What I mean by this, I write out a list of post ideas and then grab my planner and write down what day I want to publish those posts. Like I said I like to work ahead a lot so this lets me know when I need to be ahead on what plus it lets me know when I need to post that type of post. Recently I made a schedule I plan to start out on in March so my posts aren’t all over the place anymore. For now, though I like to plan out posts and what I need to get written and published by what date.

So that was all of my blogging process and just know even if it might sound short, I can assure you it’s not. Usually, I spend 4-5 hours just blogging and then a few hours later end back up on my computer because I probably forgot something or started thinking of something else to work on. Blogging is something though I absolutely love to do and it’s my dream career. Not only because I love it so much but because I have such a love for writing everything down and sharing tips that help others. Everything about blogging is incredible to me and my blogging journey has been incredible. Honestly, I feel as if I improve my blogging skills every day and the harder I work the better. Blogging means more and more to me every day that I improve and every day that I accomplish new things. Hopefully, you enjoyed this post and enjoy blogging as much as I do. Blogging and writing are my favorite hobbies and it always makes me feel ten times better and takes so much stress off of me just to get it all written down and off of my mind. Hope you guys enjoyed reading my post! 

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