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The Best Date Ideas for Valentine's Day + Reasons Why

Date Ideas for Valentine’s.

Valentine’s is such a sweet loving holiday that you can spend with that special person and just show each other how much you love one another. Usually, people buy little gifts or flowers and chocolates for each other or even go out together. Here are some great date ideas for Valentine’s, some are for the day and some are for the night.

1.     See a Movie. Seeing a movie is probably the most typical date but also the best. It’s just so fun and a place most of us have gone for a very long time so you know where you’re going. At the movies, you can watch a newly released movie, eat some candy or popcorn, and hold hands and be super sweet to each other.

2.     Go to Dinner. Valentine’s should be a night out for the both of you, to dress up and go out and have a nice meal and conversation just to yourselves. If you can’t afford one of those fancy restaurants, go to a cheapie. Valentine’s shouldn’t be about money it should be about the love you have for one another.

3.     Have a Picnic. Whether it’s in the park or in your yard, this is a very fun and cute idea! Of course, if it’s freezing where you live I don’t recommend this one but if it’s warm enough, why not right? Grab yourself a blanket, some kind of favorite food to bring along, some dessert, drinks, and your favorite person in the whole world and head out.

4.     Have a Lazy Day/Night In. Sometimes it’s just best to stay in, cuddle up on the couch, and watch a good movie. Especially if it’s cold out and you don’t want to go out and freeze.

5.     Go to the Beach. Now if it’s cold where you live, definitely do not do this or it’s not recommended at all. If it’s warm though where you live, because it is right now where I live, then hit the beach. What better way to spend with your love on Valentine’s than a fun day at the beach? No one ever usually has a bad time there!

6.     Cook Dinner at Home. Cooking dinner at home for each other is not only cheaper, but also fun! Getting to spend more time together and do things for each other is the greatest and then you don’t have to worry about driving back home or anything because you'll already be there! Cook, eat dinner and cuddle up on the couch or bed with a good movie which is the best.

7.     Layout and look at the Stars. This one is another that I probably wouldn’t recommend if it’s cold out. This is another very fun date idea. You can just grab a blanket and two pillows and just lay out and look straight up at the stars and it’s such a beautiful sight. There’s nothing I love more than staring at the stars at night and this way would only make it better.

8.     Go on a Trip. Trips are always fun, so why not take one together for Valentines. If you can afford it you could go to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii, California, even New York! Wherever you want to go together and think would be the most fun for you just go for it. Only if you have the funds, though, I don’t recommend this if you don’t.

9.     Go Hiking. This might sound weird but actually, it’s a good date idea. Hiking is a great way to be adventurous together and see new and amazing things together.

Now that you have all of my date ideas my number one idea is to just be together. The best answer to all of this is to just spend time together and be together because nothing can beat being together on Valentine’s Day. Remember always Valentines is about love, not money or anything else. It’s about love and spending time together and letting each other know how much you love each other. Nothing is better than being together and having a good time with each other. That’s what February 14th was made for! Hope you guys have a great Valentines and enjoyed reading my post. 

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