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Tips to Stay on a Budget | How to Save Money!

Tips to Stay on a Budget | How to Save Money!

Are you that type of person that just spends money without even thinking? The type of person that spends and spends and never writes down what you spent or just doesn’t know where all of your money went? Here are my tips to stay on a budget and start saving up money!

1.       Write it all down. Whatever you buy, spend, need to pay, anything write it all down. Make a budget for each thing or what you’ll have left after you get it. Make sure you have enough for bills and food leftover also before you buy something because you’ll want to have your bills paid and food in the fridge before you spend on anything you’re not sure you really need.

2.       Make a budget for money you can stick back. Add up all of your bills and grocery money and see what you have left. Take a little money out of what you have left to save up for something you really honestly want. Whether it be a fun trip, new phone, camera, computer, even a new car or place! Whatever it is set a budget for putting back money and save up every time you get paid. Then you can get what and you really want and probably have extra left over.

3.       Eat out less. Eating out actually costs a lot. If you write down every time you go out to eat and how much it costs you could see you’ve probably spent thousands on food you honestly could’ve cooked right at home for cheaper. That money you’re spending on going out to eat, you could’ve spent or saved on a fun trip or something else special. Sure it’s fine every now and then, but try to cook or eat at home as much as possible because it costs ten times less I promise.

4.       Ask yourself if you really have the money right now before purchasing. If you feel iffy about it and don’t feel like you have the funds to purchase it, don’t. Save up and then purchase it. It’s better than being broke and you can still get whatever it is your wanting eventually but also have all your bills paid on time and also your fridge full of food.

5.       Go for cheaper options. When you grocery shop, go for the cheapest options. This might sound bad, but if you do this then you can get more groceries and on top of that you could use the rest of that money leftover that you saved for something nice for yourself or your home.

6.       Write it in your planner. Whatever you spend in a day, write it daily in your planner. You paid bills Monday? Write it in your planner and how much they all were. You got groceries Friday? Write it in your planner on Fridays. Writing it all down and keeping track of it daily will help you see where all your money is going and how you can save more.

7.       Make a budgeting/financial binder or notebook. This way you can write down what you need to pay each month, the price you spend on groceries, gas, etc. This will help you keep up with it all but also keep all those papers in one place not scattered everywhere.

So for some reason that’s all of the tips I can think of for right now guys, but if I think of anymore I promise I’ll add some more. Hope these tips helped you and you enjoyed reading. Use these and you can be on a great trip in no time to your dream destination or even buying a new car or your dream place. Whatever it is, save up and work hard and it’s possible. Anything is possible. Thanks for reading you guys.

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